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#BNFroFriday: Whitney Madueke is Living Life on the Coily Lane – Read about her Natural Hair Journey on BN Beauty



Whitney Madueke is definitely one those Instagram chicks who makes us fall in love with them through an exceptionally beautiful feed and witty captions. She’s a model, public speaker, YouTuber and has been a natural hair enthusiast for almost five years.

However, our society is only recently widening its stereotypical scope of beauty. We have not been very conditioned to love our natural hair, so how did the 23-year-old who had to give herself many pep talks after her big chop grow to love her kinky hair with so much passion?

I love the diversity and how cool it is! I love my afros, and the different styles I can pull off so well! That is really why I share my journey on Youtube, being natural is not hard as people think and it is really a beautiful experience.

Currently pursuing her dreams of becoming a Fashion Designer at Parsons, School of Design, Whitney refuses to be trapped under a facade of having a hair crush or someone to look up to as the ultimate naturalista. She understands that hair types are different and once you’re on this path, all that matters is the uniqueness of your hair and the ever-growing love you’ll have for it.

I am my own hair crush. How else do you expect anyone else to love yours if you don’t? No one has the same hair in all characteristics, so my hair is my hair crush.

Whitney talks with BellaNaija Style for #BNFroFriday about her natural hair journey so far.


BNS: Tell us about your hair 
Whitney: I have 4c natural hair, I have been natural since March 2013! I used my last tub of relaxer in 2012, and I have not applied any chemicals to my hair since then.

BNS: Why did you decide to go natural?
Whitney: Relaxed hair got boring and at that time, there was a lot of good noise around natural hair and I decided to join in. I needed diversity, something different and fun, natural hair ticked all these boxes and more!

BNS: How did you transition?
: I wanted to transition for a year, but 8 months in I got tired of having two textures. I went for the big chop, I had my twin sister cut all my relaxed ends off on one beautiful sunny day. I was so excited but by the time she was done, I had a frown on. I thought I looked ugly and regretted the decision but I then had to tell myself “I am beautiful” till I believed it. This involved staring at myself in the mirror and reciting those words till I believed it and I did, after a few minutes. I did not want my hair journey to be full of regret. Some people loved it and others didn’t but I didn’t care, I had already told myself I am beautiful so no-one could tell me anything! …They still can’t, haha.

Everyone with natural hair inspired me, I saw beauty in natural hair and it was my fuel to be a part of the natural hair world.

BNS: How long have you kept your natural hair?
: I have had it for close to 5 years. Besides regular trims and scissors happy moments, I have not done anything major. I try to trim based on how my hair feels but at least once every few months.

BNS: How does climate in New York affect your hair?
Whitney: Now its winter here in New York, so the air is pretty dry so I have been wearing scarves to protect my hair.

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