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EFCC arrests Innocent Chukwuma of Innoson Motos | Company says Police Fired Gunshots at his Residence Injuring Many



The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has arrested the chairman of Innoson Motors, Innocent Chukwuma, Punch reports.

Officials of the commission had reportedly stormed Chukwuma’s residence Tuesday morning, and security men attached to the premises barred them from gaining entrance.

The official Innoson Twitter account shared photos of the scene of the arrest, adding that policemen were firing live bullets inside Innoson residence, with tens of factory workers critically wounded. The account wrote:

Innoson Vs GTB Armed Police men firing live bullets and gunshots inside Innoson residence. Tens of factory workers critically wounded. @realFFK @benmurraybruce @renoomokri #OLIC #MaxBreakfast

An eyewitness who spoke to Punch said neighbors resisted the arrest and protested, but were dispersed after the EFCC officials fired into the air and released tear gas canisters. He said:

Innoson’s neighbours rushed out of their houses when they got wind of the arrival of the EFCC team.

They were shouting and protesting against the development, and the EFCC had to shoot into the air and fire tear gas in a bid to disperse them.

Spokesperson for the EFCC, Wilson Uwujaren, said in a statement that Chukwuma had hired thugs to attack its operatives.

The statement confirmed his arrest, saying he was picked up at his residence at around 11 AM.

The arrest was a result of his refusal to honour an invitation, the statement said, as he had previously jumped bail in a case investigated by the Capital Market and Insurance Fraud Unit of the EFCC’s Lagos office. Uwujaren said:

A well known industrialist, Chief Innocent Chukwuma, popularly known by his company’s name, INNOSON, has been arrested by the EFCC. He was picked up at about 11am at his Savage Crescent, GRA Enugu residence on  Tuesday, December 19, 2017.

His arrest followed his refusal to honour invitation by the commission having earlier  jumped an administrative bail granted him in a case being investigated by the Capital Market and Insurance Fraud Unit of the commission’s Lagos office.

Chukwuma, rather than honour the invitation by the EFCC, mobilised six truckloads of thugs pretending to be staff of his company to his residence, where they manhandled EFCC operatives.

It took reinforcement from the Enugu office of the EFCC to arrest the industrialist who is currently being grilled by a team of investigators.

See photos from the scene below:

Photo Credit: @innosonmotors


  1. Mrs chidukane

    December 20, 2017 at 12:36 am

    The height of irresponsibility. Shooting live bullets and tear gas because of a man you most likely don’t even have a strong case against and you cannot convict. People could have died because of someone who at the most is a white collar criminal. Rubbish lot.

  2. Chi

    December 20, 2017 at 3:53 am

    The day all Igbo people will finally realize they are just 2nd class citizens in Nigeria..I hope it won’t be too late by then. But for now , let the stupid ones amd saboteurs among them ( especially those living in lagos) continue to chant One Zoogeria. As if, Efcc will even dare to arrest dangote or adenuga like that and whisk them matter the offence

  3. JustSaying

    December 20, 2017 at 4:54 am

    This saddens me so much what they are doing to this man. I am. Not Nigerian but I’ve been following all the great things he’s doing in the east eg manufacturing cars, trucks, home plastic water tankers etc all comparable to international l standards and instead of such innovative man be patronize, rather people from the top are trying their best to sabotage his business.

    They won’t allow him sell his product outside of his state (God forbid Lagos let alone Abuja cos the unions and the of as at the top will stop it by all means) and now they want to kill him.?

    Why are Africans like this. What’s more painful is many who are preying on his downfall are also fellow eastern people who are jealous of his accomplishments. I mean take the devilish likes of Okorochas in imo state backed by some demons from. The top so much he’s untouchable and knows he is and will kill him own people and deprive his own people to prosper

    Innoson I’m not Nigerian but I’ll pray for you. Thus really saddens me. I was even thinking of how to import some of his home water tank to my country


    December 20, 2017 at 11:33 am

    GTB you are a bad bank I have just discovered, just because this man won a case against them even at Supreme Court level, instead of them to obey court ruling, they have now connived with EFCC to intimidate him.. GTB I hereby say to you .. your days are numbered I swear!!


    December 20, 2017 at 12:09 pm


  6. Lailatu

    December 20, 2017 at 2:38 pm

    But seriously couldn’t they have carried out the arrest without this much drama and risk to people’s lives? Nigeria needs to encourage her entrepreneurs and not pull them down.

  7. tunmi

    December 20, 2017 at 5:04 pm


    His arrest followed his refusal to honour invitation by the commission having earlier jumped an administrative bail granted him in a case being investigated by the Capital Market and Insurance Fraud Unit of the commission’s Lagos office.

    Chukwuma, rather than honour the invitation by the EFCC, mobilised six truckloads of thugs pretending to be staff of his company to his residence, where they manhandled EFCC operatives.

    I’m a bit hesitant to take sides when it comes to nigerians doing business. Yes the police officers really should find another way to control crowds other than shooting in the air. Likewise, he could have honored the invitation and followed the terms of his bail.

    And who says he can’t sell his cars outside of his state. Please support that statement with proof.

  8. kkay

    December 20, 2017 at 6:54 pm

    EFCC and their abuse of power! Another evil SARS in the making.
    Whatever you and your cohorts contrive against the owner of Innoson Motors can only bring all of you disgrace. This was how Ibeto Cement was nearly destroyed by OBJ to pave way for Dangote Cement to take over.

    @Mrs. Chidukane, I am disappointed that you implied that Innoson Motors is a ‘white collar criminal’.

  9. kkay

    December 20, 2017 at 9:20 pm

    *Innoson group Vs GTBank : 30 Key Points you need to know about their dispute :*

    *1* – At all Material time , Innoson Nigeria Ltd operates a Current Account with GTBank .

    *2* – Innoson obtained , and had repaid same , a loan of N1.3billion from GTB Which was secured with a legal mortgage of its properties valued at more than N1.4billion .

    *3* – Innoson discovered that GTBank imposed excess and unlawful charges in its Current account .

    *4* Innoson Group Complained to GTBank on his discovery of access charges on his account .

    *5* – Both parties ( Innoson and GTBank ) agreed to invite an independent auditing firm that will be agreed by both parties .

    *6*- At the end , MULTI-WINGS Consulting Firm of Auditors was invited to properly audit Innoson Nigeria Ltd Current account No 0043753636 domiciled with Nnewi Branch of GTBank . The audit covers a period from March 2004 to Dec 2011 .

    *7* – After the account was audited , it was discovered that GTBank has been illegally deducting excess bank charges on its overdraft facility to the Innoson to the tune of seven hundred and Eighty-Six Million, Two Hundred and Five Thousand , Nine Hundred and Fifty-Five Naira , Ninety Nine kobo ( N786,205,955.99).

    *8* – GTBank was shocked at the audit report when the report was forwarded to it .They replied in their letter to Innoson on 20th January , 2012 that it will investigate the issue raised and will get back to Innoson on the Conclusion of its investigation .

    *9* – In the month of September 2012 , GTBank wrote to Innoson that from their personal audit report , the excess bank charges was Five Hundred and Fifty-Nine Million , three Hundred and Seventy-Two naira ,Nine kobo ( N 559.3Million).

    *10* – Innoson agreed to their version and decided to accept payment from it in the spirit of amicable resolution.

    *11*- Innoson also requested that the said agreed amount of N559.3million be paid with a 22% interest rate because Innoson had been repaying all his loan with GTBank at 22% interest rate.

    *12* – GTBank refused and said that the best they can repay excess and illegal deduction is at 7% interest rate . This led to another disagreement between Innoson and GTBank .

    *13* – As a result , in 2012 , Innoson sued GTBank at Federal High Court Awka with Suit No : FHC/Awk/Cs/2012 .

    *14* – Federal High Court, Awka delivered Judgement in favour of Innoson in excess of N4.7billion against GTBank.

    Delivering Judgement in suit no : FHC /Awk/ CS / 139/2012 , the FHC awarded N4.7billion to Innoson Motors against GTBank .
    *The court also ordered GTBank to pay 22 % (percent ) interest on the Judgement debt until all the payment had been made to Innoson .*

    *15* – In 2013 , GTBank appealed against the judgement to the Court of Appeal, Enugu Division, appoxite appeal No: CA/E/288/2013 .

    *16* – The Court of Appeal , Enugu in a Considered ruling ordered GTBank to pay the Judgement debt of N6billion Inclusive of the accrued interest and any interest that would subsequently accrue thereon into an interest yielding account in the Name of the Chief Registrar of the Court .

    *17* – In its various affidavits, particularly at the Court of Appeal in suit no : CA/E/288/2013 , GTBank deposed that if it pays the outstanding Judgement debt of N6billion , much less the N8.5billion , it could go bankrupt and be out of business .

    *18* – GTBank went to the Supreme Court .The case is still in the Supreme Court , while the Judgement debt is about N8billion now to be paid to Innoson by GTBank .

    *Another Cases:*
    IBADAN Cases : Innoson /GTBank/Nigerian Custom Service :

    *19* – Nigerian Customs Service Auctioned Innoson goods .

    *20* – Innoson challenged the action Nigerian Custom Service for auctioning its goods at Federal High Court , Ibadan .

    *21* – On July 29 ,2011, In a Garnishee Order Absolute , the Federal High Court sitting in Ibadan ordered GTBank to Pay Innoson #2,048,737,443,67 (#2billion) from Nigerian Customs account in GTBank .

    *22* – Rather than Comply with the Garnishee Order Absolute of the Court , GTBank on February 6, 2015 appealed the Judgement , but the Court of Appeal in Appeal no. CA/1/258/2011 affirmed the Judgement of the Federal High Court and ordered GTBank to pay the Judgement debt of #2,048,737,443.67 (#2.048billion) to Innoson .

    *23* – GTBank , instead , appealed to the Supreme Court against the Court of Appeal’s decision where GTBank claimed through a motion in suit no : Sc /694/2014, that the Court of Appeal Judgement in Ibadan (CA/I/258/2011) was procured by suspicious means .

    *24* – On May 12, 2017 , Supreme Court in its wisdom and rightly , dismissed that unfounded and exasperating claim of GTB against Innoson .

    *25* – As a result , Innoson commenced a N400 billion suit against GTBank , in the suit No: FCT /HC/CV/2448/2017 at the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja .

    *Another issues :*

    *26* – Consequently , in order to save itself from paying the outstanding Judgement debts to Innoson , the GTBbank filed a petition against Innoson alleging forgery which led to the suit No : FHC /L/565C/2015 by Police .

    *27* – On February 17, 2016 , Police properly and Competently withdraw the charges against Innoson , saying they needed to properly investigate the bank’s complaints first and see if they had merits .

    *28* – On September 1 , 2014 , GTBank secured an ex parte order on Innoson Nigeria Limited, dated September 1, 2014 with suit no FHC/L/CS/1119/2014 , filed before a Federal High Court in Lagos , between GTBank and Innoson Nigeria Limited , issued by *Justice Okon Abang* , ordering that , pending the hearing and the determination of the substantive suit , all Commercial Banks in Nigeria were restrained from accepting in any manner whatsoever to any mandate or instruction presented to them by Innoson Companies or any of its agents or nominees for withdrawal of any sum of money standing to the credit of any account maintained by the company in all the banks.

    *29* – However , on June 10, 2015 , *Justice Saliu Saidu* of the Federal High Court , Lagos , in a Considered ruling set aside the ex parte order of September 1, 2014 , by Justice Okon Abang and the writ of summon as well .

    *30* – Innoson then slammed a N30 billion suit on Guaranty Trust Bank for what it had suffered in monetary terms and reputational terms during the months when the accounts of its companies in all Nigerian banks were frozen.With Innoson winning both cases at the High Court and both cases at the Appeal Court, and GTB appealing, both cases are awaiting the verdict of the Supreme Court. Meanwhile the fresh N30 billion naira suit has just gone to the High Court to start its legal journey.


    In all , Innoson has won two High Court cases and two Appeal Court cases all against GTBank .

    Innoson as at today has Judgement debt over about N10billion based on 22% interest rate against GTBank .

    *Questions for EFCC :*

    *(i)* Now where is the EFCC coming from in all these ?

    *(ii)* Does EFCC actually understand their duties here ?

    *(iii)* Is EFCC by their action not sabotaging Nigerian economy ?

    *(iv)* If EFCC should to arrest any of the parties , shouldn’t GTBank who dubiously deducted Innoson money from his account and have debt of about N8billion to pay Innoson that they should arrest ?

    Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia ©2017

    For :Team *#FreeInnoson*

    Let’s keep Sharing this …

    Share …

  10. As received....

    December 20, 2017 at 9:27 pm


    Guys, we are all educated in one way or the other and it’s good to research and get proper facts before commenting or condemnin one party over the other. People are saying “free innoson”, without even asking questions on what he did to justify his arrest. Has anyone bothered to get the underlying facts from the Bank or EFCC?

    We hear that GTB financed importation of certain spare parts and Goods for Innoson. based on the nature of the banking facility granted to Innoson by GTB, the Goods were imported in the Bank’s name and the original bills of lading which were in the Bank’s name were sent directly to the Bank by the Exporter. Innoson was required to pay 25% of the value of the Goods to enable the bank endorse the shipping documents to him so he can clear the Goods. Innoson approached the bank saying he did not have the 25% to pay, and begging the bank to release the Goods. The bank refused, saying the agreement they both signed must be followed, and that innoson should pay the 25% to get the Goods released to him. Probably out of desperation, Innoson forged the Bills of Lading as well as the Bank’s endorsement (ie the bank’s stamp and Signatures of the Bank’s staff) to clear the Goods from the ports. We hear that Efcc concluded its investigation as far back as 2012 and prepared charges against innoson. The police also investigated Innoson and found him culpable. Forensic examination was also done which confirmed forgery of the bank’s shipping documents particularly as the original bills of Lading were presented by the bank during the investigation. Shouldn’t we be asking: Where are the bank’s goods? How did innoson clear the Goods  from the Ports? Ok, even after selling the Goods, did he pay the money to the bank? I think Innoson should answer these questions. I saw something online about the police charging innoson to court for fraud and innoson refusing to appear in court for trial for two years! Is Innoson above the law?

    I know innoson claims he got judgment against the bank and the bank is only trying to victimize him. I am a lawyer and if indeed he has a final judgment, Innoson shouldn’t be trying to enforce legal judgement on twitter or Facebook…..Why doesn’t he take legal steps to get his money from GTB? I would like to believe that the issue of monetary judgments is a purely commercial issue which is currently before the courts and yet to be fully determined. The issue EFCC arrested him for is a criminal matter (forgery of shipping documents). Should Innoson go free because of his tribe or because he is an indigenous vehicle manufacturer?  Even the shipping company and shipping agents that facilitated the fraud are not left out of the investigation.

    For me, GTB and innoson should conclude their civil matters in court, while the law enforcement agents should be allowed to do their job as far as the issue of crime and fraud is concerned.

    Please circulate so people know the truth. This is not an issue of ethnicity, tribe or religion.

    By Michael Okoroafor


  11. Yellow sun

    December 21, 2017 at 9:45 am

    Mr As received..pls back up your story with facts.. .the same way Mr Onyia presented he’s own with facts and dates and figures…
    Nigeria is a crazy zoo…if u try to do it right u will be killed jailed or ruined….
    Kodeni dafun gbogboyin…Gtb is a ripoff..

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