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Michael B Jordan talks “Black Panther,” #MeToo as he covers British GQ



Actor Michael B Jordan is fierce on the cover of the latest issue of British GQ, where he discusses “Black Panther” and the #MeToo movement.

Probably the most anticipated movie of the year, “Black Panther,” according to Jordan, is extremely important. He said:

I think it’s extremely important. I feel like I never had that many actors to look at and inspire me growing up. Black actors that I could identify with, that look like me on screen… And I’m just thinking about what this movie is going to do to the kids growing up… Black kids, white kids, all kids because they can imagine just as much as we can, but specifically black kids who don’t have that many positive examples to look at on TV and film. We’re giving black people power, royalty – we don’t gotta be crackheads or gangbangers, selling drugs or robbing people. We don’t have to be comic relief. We can be superheroes. Imagine what that’s going to do to the imagination and ambition of kids watching these movies. That’s the real impact of this film.

Jordan also discusses the #MeToo movement, the rise against sexual misconduct, which has seen the fall of entertainment bigwigs like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey.

Michael B Jordan described the movement as a cleansing. He said:

I think it’s just a cleansing. I think it’s a power thing and that’s in all industries. I feel like whenever there’s power and men in power, there’s going to be an abuse of power, that’s just human nature… People that were scared to say or speak their truth now are feeling comfortable. People are going to be more responsible with the positions that they are in right now and that’s taught down. The assistants that are coming up, the producers, the actors coming up – everybody’s learning. You have to weed the motherf**kers out so the next crop that come up can learn the right way.

See the full cover story on British GQ.

Photo Credit: GQ

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