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Here’s How to Win a FREE Ticket to See the World Cup Trophy



In less than 3 weeks the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola will visit Nigeria. It’s the trophy everyone is eager to see. The entire world wants to witness their country claim it as a winning prize. And every player in the history of the game has spent countless night dreaming of one day rising it above their heads. But the truth is, few of us will ever even get to see it live!

Do you know that you can get a ticket to see the World Cup Trophy for free?

Here’s how:

It’s quite simple than you could imagine. Just follow @cocacola_ng on social media and join in the conversation online. Participate in the ongoing quiz; that are usually easy to answer. Get the answers right and win a free ticket to see the World Cup Trophy.

This way, you get a chance to hang out with the iconic World Cup Trophy.

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