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Man on a Mission! Efe covers’s February 2018 Issue



Man on a Mission! Efe covers's February 2018 Issue

Big Brother Naija 2017 winner Efe covers the latest issue of and speaks to Cynthia Atagbuzia, sharing his thoughts on the present Big Brother Naija housemates and also dissects his new EP Am Sorry Am Winning.

Read excerpts below:

On the first thing he did with his prize money:

I cannot even remember to be honest but I paid my tithe as a Christian that I is…(Lol)

On the perceived obscenities in the Big Brother House:

How you paint your reality is your choice. People say “be true to yourself” but I prefer to say don’t lie to yourself. It’s based on choice. For me, I don’t pray to be involved in any sexual activity because of my beliefs let alone in an environment where I have the power and capacity to encourage or discourage it. I will always try to encourage the people watching not to indulge in such.

On the concept behind his EP title:

I figured there’s so much unemployment, so much hunger and so much mental slavery in this country so your success makes some people angry, which is why you have to apologize to them.

It’s just funny and sweet how creativity helps you do a lot of things and gives you free will-so instead of naming it I’m sorry I’m winning, you name it ‘am sorry am winning’ so it is more annoying to that guy who’s like “this guy no sabi speak English”… It’s just fun for me. Art is sweet. Music is sweet.

He also goes into a track-by-track analysis of the EP:

  • Yeba: The main Idea is to just play with words, drop punch lines and delivery and the best way to do that is by bragging…I enjoy it when I go cocky. It’s just me telling you I have moved from this level to this level. I spoke about how I came from Jos to Lagos.
  • Greatness: DJ Neptune has an album coming out and it is titled greatness so I chose to connect my greatness with his greatness. The song talks about the fact that after getting to this level, I’m still level headed and still focused on my goal.
  • I done Care: The same controversy that is going with the EP title is what will go with this song when I am ready to promote it. It is supposed to be I don’t care. It is a sample from an old Taxi driver song by Bobby Benson. It’s a (wooing) song that we tried to express in a fun and sing along manner.
  • Onome: Onome is just a sensual vibe…
  • Babaloke: This is me really saying God, do not bless only me. Bless my friends, my fans, my enemies and my people.
  • Away: Away is just for the culture. It’s on the Shaku Shaku Vibe. I don’t even know what the song means. It’s just Away lol.
  • Warri: When I came out of the BBNaija house, I heard Olamide wanted to see me so I hit him up and he responded. We met, spoke briefly and at a time, we just linked up in the studio and created the magic Warri. Olamide is someone that has me at heart to some certain level because he tries to encourage me… He tells me about how he too has faced a lot of “you can’t make it” and how he was being taunted as wanting to be like Dagrin but today, everybody has bought into the sound.

Cover Story: Cynthia Atagbuzia

Photography: August Udoh

Styling: Deangelictouchstylist