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It’s World Milk Day! Join Dano as it Raises a Glass to Nourish Naija




The celebration of Milk by the Food and Agricultural Organisation is to raise awareness on how important milk is for health.

Since its inception, World Milk Day celebration has grown immensely. It’s being celebrated in over 40 countries over the world with various exciting activities – including Nigeria.

Last year, Dano, in partnership with the Nutrition Society of Nigeria, celebrated World Milk Day with thrilling activities under the campaign theme –Raise a Glass, Nourish a Child – with the aim of putting a smile on a child’s face.

This year’s World Milk Day event by Dano milk is significant to the drive against malnutrition in Nigeria and celebrates the importance of milk to good food, health and nutrition to Nigerian consumers – with the theme Raise a Glass, Nourish Naija.

A few days to the World Milk Day celebration, the campaign kicked off with a visit to motherless homes – where 20 moms from Dano Moms group participated to show motherly love and donated tons of milk.

Today’s World Milk Day celebration kicks off with a Milky park event, that will feature different conversations on milk, plus an attempt at breaking the world record for the longest drinks pouring relay – and lots of mind-blowing side attractions like music, food, and comedy.

Beyond setting a new Guinness World record in the segment, Dano milk is keen on intensifying conversations on milk-drinking and healthy living. The record will be set at a special World Milk Day celebration in Lagos with key members of the public such as office of the first lady Lagos State, representatives of the Ministry of Health, State Ministry of Education and Nutrition Society of Nigeria.

In addition, school children, mothers, officials of government parastatals and the members of the public will converge at the Milky Park to participate in the celebrations as Dano milk breaks the Guinness World record for the longest drinks pouring relay using milk.

All to celebrate the awesomeness of milk – in every way it has been tailored to satisfy every unique taste or preferences – from plain milk (full cream, skimmed milk, filled milk) to flavoured milk.

To that, let’s raise a nourishing glass of Dano milk to celebrate the goodness of milk.

Happy World Milk Day Naija!

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