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Blackface Naija says Musicians aren’t doing Anything about Killings



Blackface Naija, a former band member of Plantashun Boiz, is of the opinion that Nigerian musicians are not doing enough about the killings across the country.

Blackface, in an interview with Punch, said too many people have died.

He said while several musicians claim they are helping, they are only doing so for public praises or political reasons.

They should think of ways of putting an end to the killings, he said, like staging a concert.

They have killed a lot of people from my village, Agatu, in Benue. They have also killed people in Makurdi, and other places in Benue; then as they move up north to Adamawa, the trail of dead bodies continues. It does not affect my state alone.

Sadly, the musicians are not doing anything about it. Some musicians just claim that they help victims either to gain public praises or for political reasons.

Why can’t we come together and think of ways we can stop the killings probably by staging a concert?

The singer also criticized OAPs for not playing his socially conscious songs.

He said he’s been blacklisted by radio stations after accusing singers like Wizkid of stealing his music.

I did a song which preaches against the killings but radio stations would not play it because I am in their bad books. Simply because I said some people stole my songs, that is why they placed me in their bad books.

I know there is a plan against me. I am an independent musician and I do not need Tuface to push my music. If I release a song titled, ‘Stop the killings,’ and the radio big boys do not play it, only a few people would listen to the message I am preaching which is of national benefit.

The so-called big OAPs like Freeze, who is always talking about pastors, are on the radio but they are not doing anything to push socially conscious songs that preach a message. But if Tekno sings a ‘Jogodo’, they will gladly play it. Their nonchalant attitude would destroy a lot of things and only bring more chaos.

I have always advised the younger artistes to seek the permission of older artistes before they use their songs but no one listened. Wizkid took my song, ‘Whine it,’ sang it with Banky W and put it on his album, ‘Starboy.’ That same song is on my album, ‘Dancehall business.’ When I raised the alarm, the whole media kicked against me and they stopped playing my music. Yet they say I am the bad one. How long would they keep sabotaging me?


  1. Smh

    July 7, 2018 at 3:01 pm

    So BN, you corrected your mistake and then deleted all the comments that pointed them out. Smh. BN and silly errors are like 5 & 6.

    • I'mJustSayn'

      July 7, 2018 at 3:35 pm

      I talk am. Keep “during” silly mistakes

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