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Nigeria wants to repay half of missing $150,000 to IAAF



Nigeria wants to repay half of missing $150,000 to IAAF | BellaNaija

Solomon Dalung – Minister for Sports

The Sports Minister Solomon Dalung has reportedly made efforts to remit half of the missing $150,000 to the IAAF, Insidethegames reports.

The IAAF had earlier in the year mistakenly paid $150,000 into the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) account, as opposed to the $15,000 remitted to member nations.

The AFN had earlier claimed they had no knowledge of the payment, but Insidethegames reports that they’re ready to pay back.

Dalung has reportedly pledged to return half the sum – $75,000 – during a meeting at the African Athletics Championships in Asaba.

It is unclear why the full sum cannot be paid.

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  1. dk

    August 7, 2018 at 1:53 pm

    No national integrity. a mistake was made. correct the mistake. They want to return 50%. What rational international organization will want to do anything with Nigeria when they hear about such things. What message does it send to the world about our so-called leaders and institutions? Nigeria has become an incorporated corrupt nation. The funny thing is that people will be quiet about this now, but when the full gravity of all the shenanigans we have been doing start getting meted back to us in terms of cancellation of international contracts, increase visa restrictions, sanctions and etc then we will know. Please start from your small area and do the right thing let us regain the morals and values we once had. The future does not look bright for us as a people if this trend continues.

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