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Osinbajo throws Sub at Melaye & Adeleke at Independence Day Dinner



Osinbajo throws Sub at Melaye & Adeleke at Independence Day Dinner | BellaNaija

Yemi Osinbajo – Vice President of Nigeria

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, making a case for why he believes Nigerians are the most humorous people in the world, subbed Dino Melaye and Ademola Adeleke.

Punch reports that this was during the Independence Day dinner and gala at the Presidential Villa, a part of the activities to celebrate Nigeria’s 58th Independence Day.

Osinbajo cited a report on Nigerians being among the happiest and optimistic people, and added that Nigerians also are humorous.

To prove his point, Osinbajo cited the case of 2 “important” Nigerian politicians, both of them with stories very familiar. He said:

A few years ago, a poll reported in the British Independent Newspaper declared us the happiest people on earth. The same poll said that we were also amongst the most optimistic people on earth, despite everything that we’ve experienced as a nation.

I agree with both assessments, in other words, that we are possibly one of the happiest in the world, but I must also add that we are, by far, the most humorous people on the face of the earth.

Well, if you don’t agree with me, but I can tell you so many reasons why we are the most humorous. A few months ago, an important Nigerian politician who was on his way to a trial in a court said he was abducted and after he escaped from his abductors, he remained hiding on a tree for 11 hours.

The most interesting part of that story is that many people online in particular, on the Internet, started to tell stories of different birds and how long those birds could remain perched on a tree. All these were the Nigerian contributions to that story.

Yet another very important politician insisted, and still insists that the most important attribute for leadership is dancing, and boy he can dance! And for those who think that that is ridiculous, at least 200,000 people voted for him in a particular election.


  1. Cameroonian geh

    October 3, 2018 at 11:44 am


  2. by_stander

    October 3, 2018 at 1:01 pm

    A great country with great people from all walks of life. only one problem though.

    –> two professions including yours Sir that infringe on the inalienable rights of human beings.

    That is everything we face in a nutshell.

    without infringing on the inalienable rights of human beings, there is nothing wrong with a dancing senator becoming a governor if that’s what the people want. i.e to be happy and fit all the time.

    like Falz would say, its not about frowning your face and tightening your chest.

    So please enough with the distractions that takes us away from the fundamental cause of all our problems.

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