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Violence in Jos with Students & Indigenes Killed



Violence in Jos as Students & Indigenes are Killed | BellaNaija

An unknown number of people have been feared dead after violence erupted in Jos, Plateau State.

The violence, according to ThisDay, started in Tina Junction area of Jos after an Apostolic Church was allegedly attacked by youths believed to be from the Hausa Community during their Sunday service.

Daily Trust also reports that a motorcyclist was allegedly killed by thugs around “Cele Bridge”, near Tina Junction.

There have also been reports of a clash between students around a village hostel and a community near Farin Gada. Photos, videos and stories shared on social media also claim students have been shot at and killed by security agents.

A student, Janet Bako, who spoke to Daily Trust, said:

The students were trying to defend the hostel and students but when security agents got here, they started shooting and some of the students were injuredThe students were trying to defend the hostel and students but when security agents got here, they started shooting and some of the students were injured.

The state’s Commissioner of Police, Undie Adie, has ordered residents of Dutse Uku, Tina junction, Rikkos, Anguwan Rukuba and University of Jos hostels to remain indoors.

The Commander of the military Special Task Force (STF), Major General Augustine Agundu, also confirmed the riot, saying on live broadcast on Plateau Radio Television Commission (PRTV):

Today has been one of those unfortunate moments. We have had a lot of unrests in a cross section of the town. I was with the youths in Jos North LGA yesterday –  Laranto in specific, and we had heart-warming discussions and interactions.

But in a situation like this, certainly, some miscreants and some criminals might want to seize some undue advantage or opportunity to unleash mayhem to innocent citizens and this is what we are condemning since my mandate in this Plateau State is the restoration of peace, law and order and total civility within the society.

May I appeal to every good citizen of the state living both here in the state and outside the state, to urge the youth, the misguided ones to sheathe their swords and live in peace with one another.

I am sure that every apparatus of government is working assiduously hard to ensure that normalcy returns and every person goes about his normal duties.

There is no need for us to lift up arms against one another. Every conflict in this world has a solution and the solution is understanding and perseverance. We should be our brother’s keepers and our sister’s keepers. There should be peaceful co-existence.


  1. ND Babe

    October 1, 2018 at 7:57 pm

    Wharrisdis? I think we have a long solemn day this October 1 because this is an attack on what we dare to celebrate. Why is this not a terrorist attack on the students of unijos?

  2. Meelikey

    October 1, 2018 at 9:35 pm

    So sad that those that swore to protect lives and property are same doing more harm .I pray God comfort’s the families of those who lost their loved ones. So much blood of the innocent everywhere…..implication of these? If only they knew ….if only.. …

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