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Ex-Minister describes Jonathan’s Claim on Election Concession as a “big lie”

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Former President Goodluck Jonathan in his book “My Transition Hours” shared that he rebuffed ministers and aides advising him not to concede the 2015 elections.

The former president wrote that the ministers Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (Finance), Mohammed Bello Adoke (Attorney-General), Osita Chidoka (Aviation), and aide Warpamowei Dudafa, were among those in the room advising him against conceding.

They were recommending sundry alternatives, but I was quiet in the midst of their discussions. I hugged my thought, figuring out how to do that which was best for the country. My personal interest was receding rapidly and the interest of Nigeria looming large.

I excused myself and left the sitting room. I walked into my study. Even there, my mantra was a strong circle around me, supporting and comforting me.  Let the country survive. Let democracy survive. My political ambition is not worth people being “soaked in blood.”

A former minister who refused to be named however shared with The Cable that Jonathan’s version of events is a “big lie.”

Let him enjoy the euphoria of his book launch first, but those he has defamed will surely respond in due course,” the former minister said, adding that Jonathan, by his latest claims, may finally demystify himself over the concession speech “which had elevated his status internationally.

Another former minister who also asked not to be named said the former president had to be persuaded to concede by the same people he named.

The impression the former president is trying to create is that the people came to tell him not to concede. In truth, Jonathan was being persuaded by a former south-south governor not to concede, so some ministers were quickly invited to come and counter them.

What would Okonjo-Iweala, Adoke and Chidoka be doing a the villa at that time if not that something was going wrong? Is Jonathan trying to say he was not involved in Elder Godsday Orubebe’s attempt to disrupt the announcement of the results? Is Jonathan trying to claim innocence of a plot to secure a court injunction to stop INEC from further announcing the results? Jonathan needs to be a man of honour.

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