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#BellaNaijaWCW Dr. Kelechi Okoro is “The Healthertainer” who’s Promoting Health, Education & Wellbeing



Crucial to the development of any nation are health of the people, quality education, and standard of living. Our #BellaNaijaWCW this week is one who is working to achieve this in Nigeria and Africa at large and we’re proud of her work.

With social media as a tool, Dr. Kelechi Okoro a.k.a “The Healthertainer” is promoting health literacy and healthy living in a fun way across the globe, sharing useful health information to the public.

She tweets @healthertainer and shares photos and videos on Instagram with the same handle with about 70,000 followers on both platforms. She’s the founder of Healthertainer Consults, a health promotion and media services consulting company.

Kelechi currently works as a physician in the Kogi State Government House Clinic, Lokoja. She’s a humanitarian and a public health and mental health advocate.

She’s the founder of HEAL For Africa, an NGO “committed to transforming Africa one community at a time. HEAL stands for Health, Education, and Advocacy for better Livelihood. The organisation’s aims and objectives is in line with Sustainable Development Goals 1 – 6: No Poverty; Zero hunger; Good Health and Well being; Quality Education; Gender equality; and Clean water and sanitation.

The organisation hosts regular events – #HealTheSlums and #PayAttentionToHer. The Heal The Slums initiative is focused on hosting children and families in underserved communities, providing them with food items, school supplies, health screening/treatment, and sometimes, scholarships.

The Pay Attention to Her initiative educates secondary school students and young girls on sex, menstrual hygiene and self awareness, as well as donation of free sanitary pads/personal hygiene products.

We celebrate Dr. Kel, as she’s also fondly called, for her work with underserved communities and girls, and her passion for promotion of health and wellbeing.

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