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Etinosa Idemudia talks Biggest Mistake Ever & Journey to Success on Nicson Africa Magazine



In a new feature for Nicson Africa Magazine, actress and comedian Etinosa Idemudia talks about her biggest mistake ever, advice to a young girl to be successful among other things.

The actress was in the news last week after she went naked on Instagram Live chat with MC Galaxy.

Etinosa face backlash over the incident, with MC Galaxy getting his own share for not ending the call with her.

In an Instagram post she shared after the incident, the comedian said “I made a mistake I never wish to repeat.” “The big blunder has occurred and I’d love to move on. Me, my pot belly and the rest of my beautiful body,” she added.

Here are excerpts from her interview with the magazine:

How was growing up like?
I am number 3 of 4 children. We grew up with strict parents in terms of morals and mixing with other kids in Warri but asides that I think my mum spoilt me lol. Never did house chores or stayed under the Sun. Every week she’d groom my hair. Oh I had very long hair. I was her princess. Well, my sister and I. And we went to the best schools at the time.

Tell us about your journey to fame, the challenges you faced breaking into the industry.
Breaking out takes grace. There are a lot of talented people who speak or sound and look better than you. I would like to say time and chance happens for us all. However, I did attend a lot of auditions, I sent a lot of messages to filmmakers, pitching to work with them, then I worked very hard to be visible, my online skits which i film and edit myself also helped in this regard

Have you ever encountered the issue of sexual harassment or the case of sex for role?
Men always make advances at women. It’s as sure as the Sun

What is your biggest mistake ever?
Engaging the services of Pinnacle Films to distribute my film The Washerman. The movie was way bigger than its distributor’s capacity to deliver.

If there is anything you could change about yourself, what would it be?
I would get A flat tummy and bigger boobs

Your advice to those who look up to you?
Always be yourself. Everybody cannot Like you. And most importantly “chop this life before this life chop you”

Read the rest of her interview on Nicson Africa Magazine

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