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What is “New Money Weight”? Issa Rae tells us in Women’s Health Magazine



Issa Rae is the stunning cover star for Women’s Health Magazine‘s latest issue!

The hit series producer shows off her slender body in the photos following the cover feature and talks with the magazine about dealing with unexpected weight gain and how she’s been keeping fit after not liking how she looked on her show Insecure.

Issa is more “paleo-leaning” in her eating habits now, having rediscovered bacon after being a vegetarian for 15 years.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

On gaining “new money weight”
When the Web series started, I was very, very broke. Then more opportunities began to come, I was gaining New Money Weight. When you get a good job, you’re like, ‘I can afford to eat at restaurants all the time!’ That adds up in weight.

Her exercise routine
I exercise for, like, an hour each day. My neighborhood has a bunch of hills. I alternate between walking and jogging. I hate jogging – you’re going in circles, but I recognize that it helps.

On finding a diet that works
I was a big excuse person when it came to exercising and eating right. I’d have spurts of trying to work out and being good. Then once I fell off, I’d be like, ‘Well, there’s always next year. Let me make it my New Year’s resolution.’ But even then, I would still be eating wrong while exercising vigorously.

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