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Here’s why Consumers are In Love With the Apple Richness of La Casera



Consumers across Nigeria keep falling in love with the crisp apple richness of La Casera Apple soft drink. The love for the brand is not only because of its tasty apple goodness but also because of the alluring refreshment that the brand offers at an affordable price of N100.

La Casera Apple soft drink is produced by The La Casera Company (TLCC) Plc. a reputable company that has many other brands in its stable. La Casera Apple brand is the only soft drink in Nigeria that contains 5 percent of real apple juice. Loved by many, the soft drink is largely seen as refreshing and ideal to quench thirst.

In many homes and various events, La Casera Apple has become a common drink for those searching for that refreshing apple taste.

La Casera Apple drink is largely seen as the best apple drink in the Nigerian soft drink market. As a result, the brand has maintained its strong position in the apple segment of the soft drink market in the past 17 years. La Casera Apple has brought several innovations into the Nigerian soft drink market. For instance, when other players in the industry were still using recycled glass bottles (RGB), La Casera Apple pioneered the use of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles in the market. It took other players a whopping three years to follow suit. Today, the brand offers the best apple content in the soft drink market.

Richard Akinyemi and Rita Chukwudi, gave their testimonies about the brand. Rita Chukwudi 24, is one lady who cannot do without having her darling La Casera Apple, because for her “a day without La Casera Apple is not complete.” As a result, Rita usually stocks her home with the brand. “If you visit me at home, La Casera Apple is one brand I won’t fail to offer to you,” she said. “That is my way of showing hospitality. I have never seen anyone who rejected my darling La Casera.”

Twenty-year-old Richard Akinyemi lives with his four siblings and parents at Ogudu, Lagos revealed that everyone in his household loves La Casera Apple drink. “When my elder sister, Regina got married last year, La Casera Apple drink was a major drink that was served to guests at the event,” he said. “I love La Casera a lot for its real apple content and affordable price of N100”.

La Casera Apple, which comes in three SKUs of 35cl, 50cl, and 60cl, has a rich golden color that refreshes and energizes consumers. Produced under very hygienic conditions, La Casera Apple’s production process is fully automated, making it free from human contact.


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