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Frodd Gets His Heart Broken & The Housemates Win Their Wager for the First Time on #BBNaija Day 18



The Reign of Fire and Thunder

Esther‘s no-nonsense demeanour hasn’t gone unnoticed.

With great power comes great responsibility and ever since being crowned the Head of House, Esther hasn’t been the one to shy away from wielding power no matter the responsibility. The young lawyer and part-time hustler who had given us heads up about keeping it real and bringing fire and thunder to the House is clearly a lady of her words.

The Heat from Day One

Right from day one, Esther gave us a slight dose of the fire and thunder as she refused to take things lying low when Mike ate her food. It was in this moment we realized she wasn’t the one to play with or be taken for granted. Fierce as she might seem, she showed her passion for standing up for worthy a cause as she stood up to Thelma for referring to individuals experiencing Down Syndrome with an inappropriate name.

The Ice Box Heart.

When it comes to matters of the heart, Frodd had the first taste of Esther’s tough demeanour as he had his romantic proposition turned down leaving him in tears. A relationship that has remained strained with both parties unforgiving of each other. Frodd refusing to make peace since the rejection and Esther refusing to see eye to eye with him for talking behind her back.

The Iron Ruler

Esther winning the Head of House marked the beginning of the reign of Fire and Thunder. Unlike Jeff and Nelson who tried a more diplomatic approach, Esther took the no-nonsense approach as she took the reins of the House and steered it in the direction she deemed befitting of a Big Brother House. Her lack of patience for nonsense and distractions was quite evident as she looked and Tacha and said “… We’ve heard you, Mercy you will now be in charge of the kitchen.” She made this decisive decision when Tacha was about to make a mountain out of the kitchen duties. The other Housemates had a dose of the Iron Ruler’s wrath as she shouted at them for being a clog in the wheel of the Task execution. Even with her recent soft spot for Nelson, she doesn’t hesitate to rebuke him for making attempts to pull her wig off.

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Although Esther has shown her fierce nature since day one, the question is, did becoming HoH amplify no-nonsense demeanour or the spotlight the position put on her makes it noticeable?

Watch Esther’s Journey So Far

A Win And Nothing Else

The Housemates have to prove themselves to win their Wager.

In anticipation of the Wager Task, the Housemates started rehearsing for what they hope will be a spectacular performance. The Housemates are required to present an original music composition for the Thursday night presentation. After losing the last Wager Task, the pressure is on the Housemates to make sure they get a win. Still indebted to Biggie, the Housemates can’t afford to lose.


Sir Dee and Khafi took charge of the rehearsal as they led the rest of the Housemates in the partly composed catchy tune they plan to perform. Biggie being the generous person that he is, supplied the Pepper Dem Gang with musical instruments to perform with at the presentation. Comprising talking drums, harmonica and flutes, the Housemates looked equipped to get a win this time around.

1563419196 56 screenshot 2019 07 18 at 3.33.10 am

Girls Gist

Diane, Mercy and Thelma have an affinity for trading juicy gist about happenings in the House. Today’s gist was about their male Housemates. “All the guys are childish and they just want to have fun,” Thelma said as she wished all the single girls in the House luck. “The guys keep switching from one girl to the other,” she further said.

1563419248 34 screenshot 2019 07 18 at 3.29.12 am

Unresolved Altercations

“If people cannot handle their emotions, it’s not my job to help them,” a visibly upset Esther lamented to Tuoyo as the topic focused on the altercation between the two of them. “What of my own emotions?”, she quipped as she remained resolved not to mend things with Frodd. Ever since things turned sour between Easter and Frodd – after the rejected romantic proposition, Housemates have been trying to help both parties resolve their differences, but efforts seem futile. Nelson’s attempt to get Esther to apologize met a brick wall. She opined Frodd was crying for nothing. “He’s the one that hurt me, he’s the one that’s crying. “

The Pepper Dem Gang have spent quite a good time enmeshed in spicy situations and it looks like they are just getting started.

The Failed Ships in Biggie’s House

Let’s throw it back to when Ebuka addressed the elephant in the room – the love triangle (more like a hexagon) between Diane, Tuoyo, Sir Dee, Nelson, Esther and Frodd. While we take note of sailing ships, it’s time to analyze the ships that appear to be facing stormy weather, shall we?

The Friend Zone

The Pepper Dem gang started the season with one thing in mind – to have fun! This has been evident in their relationship(s) with certain men in the House; but what happens when the ship successfully sails into the friend zone? How about we ask these pairs – Diane, Tuoyo and Sir Dee; Esther and Frodd?

Remember when Sir Dee put Diane in the friend zone when he told her that he’s in a relationship outside the House? Now we see why she was quick to tell Ebuka that Sir Dee walked into this zone.  What of the awkward moment when Esther made Frodd cry because she rejected his affection? In her words, “let’s just remain friends”.

We all fear to take a seat in the friend zone; but hey, this zone has led to great friendship goals in Biggie’s House. So maybe it’s not the end of the world after all.

Cruising into The Love Zone

From their early days of friendship, Nelson and Diane could have easily fooled us with the romantic spark between them. Yet, following her conversation with Sir Dee during the Diary Task and her teasing dance moves with Tuoyo at the Saturday Night parties, Diane kept Africa (and Nelson) guessing who her heart belongs to.

Nonetheless, Nelson and Esther have recently been found having intimate moments in the House – even after turning Frodd down (poor Frodd). Judging from how she rejected Frodd to her intimate moments with Nelson, we reckon that the iron lady might just love the idea of being wanted. Whatever her strategy is, seems to have Nelson hooked.

What now becomes of Diane? Clearly, the Diane and Nelson ship has successfully sailed into the friend zone. Where will the Diane ship sail now? Hmmm… Tuoyo still seems interested, or is he?

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What Next?

This complicated love hexagon prompted Diane’s heart-to-heart chat with who her heart really wants – Nelson. However, what we weren’t expecting was Nelson’s response to Diane’s shot-shooting. The irony in this is while Diane’s love was being rejected by Nelson, Frodd’s love also got rejected by Esther. What a week for friend-zoning!

Could the smugness that comes with being wanted or chased be the string that ties Esther and Nelson? What then happens when Esther admits her feelings to Nelson? Will the chasing stop like it did with Diane? Time will tell.

In case you missed it, here’s the gist – Diane likes Nelson – who likes Esther – who is being chased by Frodd. The question is, which ship do you think will sail in the love zone?

Be the judge…

Frodd’s Unbreakable Heart

Frodd’s heart is not giving up despite all the challenges it had to endure.

Frodd’s heart has had an overwhelming week in Biggie’s House, the week started at tatashe and has risen to atarodo hot. Through it all, his heart keeps beating for his queen, Esther.

‘I didn’t come here looking for a relationship’ – Esther

In the garden, Esther and Frodd had their talk. When he poured out his heart to her, her response didn’t sit well with him. After letting him know that he wasn’t interested in a relationship, he couldn’t control the tears streaming down his cheeks.

‘Frodd is a very emotional person’ – Esther

After the night of tears, Ebuka (the President of the Table Shakers Association) replayed Frodd’s heartbreak on live television in front of the House and Africa, gasps. After re-living the tears, in order to cement her position, Esther told Ebuka that, “Frodd is a very emotional person”. If you’re counting with us, that’s two rejections (one with a lot of tears and one in front of all of Africa) but Frodd’s heart continued to beat for Esther.

‘Please HoH, we need spray starch’  -– Frodd 

While ironing earlier today, Frodd asked Esther, his queen, his HoH to please request spray starch. The queen quickly shut him down when she told him to ask Biggie in his Diary Session. Frodd, like a sad toddler, backed down. It was very heartbreaking to watch.

‘I can’t sing, I’ll sit it out’ – Frodd

Reeling from a disappointing Wager loss last week, Esther as HoH was determined to make sure her reign was a successful one. Sitting on her throne as her subjects rehearsed, and desperately wanting to present Biggie with a perfect Presentation, Esther had to find a way of telling Frodd he had to sit the singing out as he was out of tune. We hail the kind queen for dropping this blow subtly!

Reeling from four rejections, Frodd went to calm his nerves with a cigarette. While venting with Ike and Jackye about Esther’s long list of rejections, Frodd’s unbreakable heart came to the conclusion that it still beats for Esther, the queen of his heart.

The Fire Got the Win

In spite of her high-handedness, Esther the HoH was a go-getter and the Wager win was to her.

Though she has been strict with the other Housemates since wearing the HoH crown, Esther’s reign isn’t all about fire and brimstone after all. Through her toughness, she has demonstrated what it takes to be a go-getter.

Her reactions to events in the House over the past two days have shown a fierce Esther. From her decline of Frodd’s spray starch request to ensuring compliance and seriousness during rehearsals, she has proven to us that her reign was different from the previous ones.

1563489215 34 am bbn s4 20190717 day17 esther vs esther


Even when she wanted to drive home her point and our peppery Tacha nearly stood in her way, her “Can you let me finish before you respond?” was enough warning to any other Housemates who might want to test her patience. Yes, Esther is that tough!

But amidst all the toughness and seriousness, Esther was a good leader. Her determination to impress Biggie so that they could win back their Wager knew no bounds. Not only was she able to carry the other Housemates along in the preparation for their music Task, but she was also able to do so not minding whose toes were stepped on.

1563489129 34 am bbn s4 esther.jpgc


The result? Biggie was impressed. And the for the first time, the Housemates won their Wager with their outstanding musical performance.

The Iron Lady or not, Esther’s HoH rule will be remembered for this one thing – winning the Wager.

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