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Meet 23-year old Ivorian Braider Helena Koudou Whose Creativity Inspired this Amazing Short Film

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It is no longer news that Africans are gradually dominating the world in all areas: from politics to education, to entertainment, sports and technology. This can be largely attributed to our brilliant creativity and the passionate way we get things done.

23-year-old Ivorian braider and model, Helena Koudou, started at the age of 13 as the youngest braider in her family’s shop Alima’s Hair Braiding in Brooklyn. Her natural ingenuity makes it possible for her to create artful braided looks that she showcases to the world on social media.

As a result of this, she got the attention of Josef Adamu, a brilliant story teller who runs a creative agency “Sunday School”, that uses innovative methods through visual story telling to improve brand awareness and visibility.

By the combined effort of Adamu and Helena, “The Hair Appointment” was created. As a co-producer on the project, Helena interpreted the art that is black hair and its cultural relevance. She came up with beautiful braided hairstyles adorned with cowries and hair accessories that showcases not just the flexibility of hair but also the richness of black hair and its capacity for different representations.

The Hair Appointment focuses on “the beauty of African braiding and the community surrounding getting your hair braided in a salon versus doing your hair at home,” Helena explains on Vogue. “The stylist-client bond is such a beautiful connection. We talk about everything in the chair.”

The film also seeks to celebrate the natural hair community at a time when women still face discrimination for their hairstyles.

Watch the part 1 & 2 of  “The Hair Appointment” below:

Photo Credit: @helena.koudou