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Naomi Campbell is excited about her First Shoot with a Black Photographer in Mainstream Fashion



At 49, Naomi Campbell “still looks otherworldly: a body, as Bono once put it, handmade by God, and skin so glowing it looks airbrushed”.

“The era-defining cheekbones are framed by a sweep of immaculate hair; in the golden-hour light she looks luminous” she’s described as in this interview with the Guardian Weekend.

The super model excited about her new interview despite the fact she “doesn’t like interviews. After 33 years in the business, and a string of tabloid-baiting moments, the model has acquired a reputation for being surly, formidable, downright difficult”.

She says her shoot Guardian magazine marks the first time she has ever worked with a black photographer “on a mainstream publication”, including the Vogues and other glossies.

She wanted to be shot by 26-year-old Campbell Addy, she says, because she is continually excited by the new. “I embrace young people and their creativity, it’s fun for me. I’m happy for all the new talent and proud to be here right now, witnessing all this music and culture and the lifestyle, and the way it moves in fashion. Gianni [Versace] always said it would mix like this, and it finally did.”

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Photographer: @campbelladdy
Stylist: @lejenke
Hair: @lorenzo_barcel
Make-up: @daniel_s_makeup
Nails: @hbwbeauty_cnd
Writer: @nosheeniqbal
Art Director: @maggie_b_murphy

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