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Meet the Gorgeous African Queens competing at the 2019 Miss World

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With beautiful and gifted women from over 100 countries, the Miss World 2019 grand-finale will kick-off soon!

Miss World 2019 will be the 69th edition of the Miss World pageant, and it will take place in London, England on December 14. Vanessa Ponce of Mexico will crown her successor at the end of the event.

As always, BN will be bringing you all the updates from the competition, but first, here’s a chance to meet ALL the African beauty queens who will be competing for the Miss World 2019 crown.


Angola – Brezana Da Costa

Age:  24
Height: 174
Portuguese, English and Spanish
Bio: Brezana is an optimistic and confident person, whose most important thing in life is the close bond she shares with her family. Her dream job would be to work as an office administrator. In her free time, Brezana enjoys listening to Beyonce and watching Disney films. Her biggest fear in life is not fulfilling her purpose and ambitions. Brezanas life motto is ‘if you can believe it, you can realise it’.

Botswana – Oweditse Gofaone Phirinyane

Age: 25
Height: 177
: Setswana, English
Bio: Phirinyane is the co-founder of the youth towards excellence organisation. She has three dogs and she plays the Marimba, melodica and a recorder. Her dream job would be to become a stylist with her own apparel brand. Phirinyane’s personal motto is ‘Be gentle with yourself. Understand that you can not control everything but have control of how you respond to it.

Equatorial Guinea – Jane Oritz Oyono

Age: 20
Occupation: Photographers Assistant and Secretary
Height: 173
Language: Spanish and English
Bio: Jane works as a photographer’s assistant and secretary. In her free time, she enjoys reading, swimming, and horse riding. Jane aspires to one day work for the UN an ambassador. Her inspiration is Michelle Obama, who she says ‘is the true definition of beauty with a purpose’. Jane wants to show her country that women can be intelligent, independent and aim high. Her personal motto is ‘to always trust yourself’.

Ethiopia – Feven Araya Gebreslassie

Age: 22
Occupation: Accountant
Height: 173
Language: Amharic and English
Bio: Feven is an accountant who aspires one day to open a traditional Ethiopian restaurant. Her hobbies include swimming, jogging and hiking. Her proudest day was being the first child of her parents to graduate from University. If Feven could invite anyone for dinner it would be Mother Teresa, as she can instil knowledge of helping people and having a kind heart. Fevens life motto is ‘breathe in courage and breathe out fear’.

Ghana – Rebecca Kwabi

Age: 26
Height: 180
Language: English, Twi, Ga, Ada
Bio: Rebecca is a student whose ambition is to open a fashion school and have her own fashion line. Her hobbies include dancing, sports, aerobics and swimming. Rebecca comes from a family of seven and she is very close with them. The proudest moment of her life was winning a modelling contest alongside her twin sister. Rebecca’s life motto is ‘stay positive, be happy, live free’.

Guinea-Bissau – Leila Samati

Age: 21
Occupation: Student
Height: 179
: Portuguese, Spanish and English
Bio: Leila is an adult nursing student who aspires to enter medical school and graduate as a doctor. In her free time, she helps at her mother’s salon, exercises at the gym, and volunteers at schools. Since winning her national contest Leila has attended charity events and been involved with philanthropic work. The most important thing in life is her family and to achieve all her

Kenya – Maria Nyamai

Age: 18
Occupation: Student
Height: 179
Language: Kiswahili and English
Bio: Maria is a student who aspires to one day become a world-renowned journalist. Who enjoys dancing, travelling, and athletics. What keeps Maria going in life is encouraging women to follow their dreams and not let their backgrounds define them. If she could invite anyone to dinner it would be Queen Elizabeth, as she is a resilient leader who is visionary and charitable. Maria’s life motto is ‘in a gentle way you can shake the world’.

Mauritius – Urvashi Devi

Age: 20
Occupation: Student
Height: 175
: English, French, Hindi and Creole
Bio: Urvashi is a part-time student and volunteer who aspires to manage her own business. Her hobbies include swimming, dancing and snorkelling. The proudest day of Urvashi’s life was the first time she went scuba diving and overcame her fear of the ocean. If she could invite anyone for dinner it would be the Dalai Lama so she could learn how to grow and nurture her spirituality. Urvashi’s life motto is ‘what you want for tomorrow is what you do today’.

Nigeria – Nyekachi Douglas

Age: 21
Occupation: Student (Public health)
Height: 184
Language: English and Ikwere
Bio: Nyekachi is a public health student who aspires to one day have her own fashion brand. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, playing soccer, and running. Nyekachi describes herself as athletic, energetic and creative. The most important thing in Nyekachi’s life is her family and friends who continue to support her with their love and advice. Nyekachi’s personal motto is ‘A little less hate and a lot more love’.

Rwanda – Meghan Nimwiza

Age: 21
Height: 173
Language: Ikinyarwanda, English, French
Bio: Nimwiza is passionate about her work, she is a people person who is result-oriented. Her Favourite Food is subzitakatan and in her spare time, she loves to watch stranger things and friends. Her top tip when going out is to keep it simple but classy.

Senegal – Alberta Diatta

Age: 20
Occupation: Student
Height: 188
Language: English, French, Wolof and Diola
Bio: Alberta is a student who aspires to one day create her own clothing and cosmetics brand. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, travelling and sports. The most important moment of Alberta’s life was travelling out of her country for the first time, as it gave her the will to succeed in life. Alberta’s personal motto is ‘more courage than talent is the key to success’.

Sierra Leone – Enid Jones-Boston

Age: 24
Occupation: Volunteer
Height: 167
Language: Krio and English
Bio: Enid is a mental health advocate and volunteer for social workers who aspire to become a counsellor. Her hobbies include cooking, dancing, volleyball, and football. The proudest moment of her life was graduating from University. What keeps Enid going is her desire to inspire others, create an impact and give back to society. Her personal motto is ‘never give up’.

South Africa – Sasha-Lee Olive

Occupation: Assistant Teacher
Height: 174
Language: English, Afrikaans, Makaton Sign Language
Bio: Sasha is an assistant teacher who would like to one day own a Montessori Kindergarten, and be part of a team that encourages a holistic approach to learning. Her interests include painting, writing, and dancing. The proudest moment of Sasha’s life is when one of her autistic students who had not yet developed speech was able to sing in front of her. Her life motto is ‘everything will come on its chosen

South Sudan – Mariah Nyayeina Joseph Maget

Age: 22
Occupation: Student (International relations & Diplomacy)
Height: 182
Language: English and Swahili
Bio: Mariah is a second-year student of international relations and diplomacy. She aspires to become a diplomat and help others. Her hobbies include reading, volleyball, basketball, netball and badminton. If Mariah could invite anyone to dinner it would be Mother Theresa, because she devoted her life to the less fortunate, which is something she could envision herself doing. Maria’s life motto is ‘a kind heart is a magnet of miracles’.

Tanzania – Sylivia Sebastian Bebwa

Age: 19
Occupation: Computing Student
Height: 170
Language: Swahili and English
Bio: Sylivia has previous qualifications in physics, chemistry, and biology. She is now a computing student with ambitions to pursue a career in the medical profession. Her favourite film is Let it Shine. If she could invite anyone to dinner, it would be the president of her country, so that she could explain to him the benefits of beauty pageants. Sylivia describes her hometown Mwanza as a beautiful place which has so many rocks that it is nicknamed ‘Rock City’.

Tunisia – Sabrine Mansour

Age: 24
Occupation: Student (Dental)
Height: 167
Language: Arabic, French, English
Bio: Sabrine is a dental student, in her spare time she enjoys reading, camping and cooking. She is a flamenco and salsa dancer and her favourite food is spaghetti. The most recent box set she has watched is Grey’s Anatomy and her favourite movie is Awake. Her proudest moment is accomplishing good grades on her studies and making her parents proud. Sabrine’s motto is ‘Hero’s are great people that do great deeds and don’t expect an award or even a thank you’

Uganda – Oliver Nakanade

Age: 25
Occupation: Student
Height: 182
Language: English
Bio: Oliver has a diploma in journalism and aspires to run a social enterprise. She would like to help create more job opportunities for people in her country. In Oliver’s free time she likes to play basketball, practice yoga, and swim laps. The most important thing in her life is the people around her. An interesting fact about Oliver is that she is a real foodie, who loves to cook.

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