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The Adelekes had their Honeymoon in not One but Two! Major Exotic Locations because Why Not?



While we are still trying to get over the entire #Adekani wedding, Adewale and Kani have both decided to bless us with photos from their honeymoon in the beautiful city of Bali, Indonesia and the exotic island of Maldives.

Kani and Adewale are the perfect example of those Instagram-perfect couples that always have us drooling over them. It just looks like a whole lot of fun and romance for the couple.


Photo Credit: @Chairmanhkn

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  1. Firecracker toyeen

    February 19, 2020 at 5:38 pm

    “ Adewale and Kani have both to bless us ”

    BN poor editing as usual! 😏


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