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MTN Pulse Campus Invasion at UNIBEN was Edgy & Fun on Every Level! Here’s the Scoop



“Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel and where you’re going.”, popular American musician, Pharrell Williams, said.  Truer words could not have been spoken.

At the MTN Pulse Campus Invasion at the University of Benin, (UNIBEN) students showed off various style combos, even music stars, DJ Spinall and Turn Up King, Shody, dropped in their weighty contributions!

From the outfits and style essentials on display, here are 5 of the statements that made us do a double-take:

MTN Pulse Campus Invasion

  1. The Mask:

It sounds like the name of a very cool suspense-ridden novel, right?

Instead, popular hype artiste and self-acclaimed Turn Up King, Kunle “Shody” Oshodi-Glover, arrived at the venue of the Pulse Celebrity Visit at the Hall 2 car park, in no ordinary attire. He wore a studded black mask that added to the mystique of his entry! Who else wants to pair this with a top and jeans just to look rad?

  1. Braid Season:

Whenever isn’t it braids season, right?

However, with two weeks left until their exams, the female students seemed to prefer the protective style above others ‘edges-friendly’ styles. And it’s not hard to understand why. With little need for attention, braids (whether blond, black or multi-hued) are the go-to style when you need a few weeks off hair-maintenance.

  1. Yellow and black rocks:

Everyone knows that yellow is a stunning colour. Thousands of ‘aso-ebis’ in that colour have proven so.

But these stunner girls showed us that mixing the bright colour with black makes it even more fabulous!

  1. The Statement jacket:

Thousands of students nearly screamed their minds out on at UNIBEN, during the Pulse Celebrity Visit. While we admit that the screams were based largely on the mesmerizing sounds reverberating from the speakers, we believe that this leather ‘all pain, no gain’ jacket, worn by celebrity DJ, Spinall was also a factor.

The all-black look Spinall spotted, was brandished with well-placed splashes of colour such as his tell-tale cap, and the graffiti on his jacket and shirt.

Still, the talk was about that jacket!

The Pulse Campus Invasion is part of MTN Pulse’s activities tailor-made for young Nigerians to provide entertainment and an avenue for building talents and encouraging entrepreneurship.
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