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The Yellow and Green Trucks Circling Nigeria: Flour Mills of Nigeria continues to Feed the Nation amidst the Coronavirus pandemic



The streets may be empty, but there have been large, yellow and green automobiles still moving around. You’re probably wondering, “why are they moving? And where are they all headed?”

Well, as you know, COVID-19 is still the most trending topic in the world, with the continuous increase in confirmed cases globally, of which, Nigeria is not exempted. The lockdown rule is still being instituted, and for many people, they have indeed been thrown in the deep, with no knowledge of how they will receive basic needs such as food and water. It has sadly become a reality that some individuals are unable to get the resources for basic food supplies.

So, to answer your question about where the huge yellow and green trucks are going; it’s one of Nigeria’s largest food and Agro-allied groups, Flour Mills of Nigeria (FMN), the makers of Golden Penny products, they are reaffirming their purpose of ‘Feeding the Nation, Everyday’.

Edo State

Ogun State

Yes! It’s so heartwarming to see the actions numerous institutions are taking during this period and Flour Mills of Nigeria is one of such companies leading the charge during this challenging period by giving back as they continue to impact Nigeria. Over a week ago, FMN sent out eight huge trucks filled with essential food items which were donated to Lagos State – Guess what? It did not stop there!

Since then, more big trucks have journeyed to Ogun, Cross River, Ekiti, Kaduna, Niger, and Edo states to off-load Golden Penny food products donated by Flour Mills of Nigeria. The food items included pasta, semovita and noodles, all courtesy Flour Mills of Nigeria. How incredible!

Cross River State

Kaduna State

During this global health crisis, let’s agree that the word, normal has been redefined. Companies like Flour Mills of Nigeria are taking extraordinary steps to ensure a majority, if not the entirety is able to navigate this situation in good health. 

See photos below for the roundup, and in case you look out of your window and see one of them, wave, place your hand on your heart as we hope for the best in this pandemic.
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