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Queen of Daytime TV Funmi Iyanda is Back with “Public Eye Live”



We need to rewind 2020 and start over or get a refund.

We spend our days passive-aggressively ignoring texts from our grandparents and coworkers and Skyping our bosses in crisp button-up shirts and pajama bottoms with holes in them.

Grown men and women wrestle in the mud for a loaf of government-issued bread all while the moodiest virus in the world threatens to either give us a runny nose or kill us.

With “alternative facts” and conflicting sources claiming everything from garlic protecting you from a respiratory virus to 5G wifi spreading the disease, it’s hard not to stick your head in the sand and change your New Year’s resolution to not wanting to die.

But on Thursday, April 24th, tonight, as coronavirus cases continue to rise, Nigerian talk show host icon, Funmi Iyanda takes viewers on a journey to truth and discovery with “Public Eye Live” on Instagram Live.

This week’s exclusive interviews with the Director-General of the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC), Chikwe Ihekwazu, human right activist and Executive President Women In Africa (WIA), Hafsat Abiola-Costello and strategic security and intelligence specialist, Kabir Adamu, Head of the Security and Intelligence team at the Office of the President of the Nigerian Senate.

“Public Eye Live” provides the political, social, cultural, and economic context of a deadly pandemic and the extraordinary ability of human resilience.

Follow the story on Instagram Live for tonight’s 8 PM lockdown breakdown @publiceyeng and have facts delivered to the palm of your hand, unfiltered, unbiased, live.

Watch the teaser video here:

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