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Femi Otedola is Writing a Book! Will You Read It?

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Femi Otedola is letting us in on his life and world in what will be his first published book!

The billionaire’s daughter DJ Cuppy gave us the gist, sharing a video of her father putting the finishing touches on the book on her Twitter.

She walked in on him in his study and after she asked what he was up to, he revealed that he was “dotting the Is and crossing the Ts on his book.”

Details about what the book will contain are, well, nonexistent. And we don’t even have the title yet.

But we’re hoping the business mogul will be sharing his knowledge and story, giving us an insider scoop on what it takes to be a billionaire in Nigeria, and to build an empire.

We, of course, also hope he’ll tell us about his lovely lovely family.

We’re sure the folks who always choose the option of “an hour with a billionaire” over cash cannot wait for the book to arrive. We can’t either.

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