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Olamide unveiled as Brand Ambassador of itel: Two Kings, One Kingdom??

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At a point in the history of man’s existence, kings battled with one another for supremacy. These battles were also about protecting and giving the best to their people. 

Many years after, things have taken a different turn. The same energies used to fight those supremacy wars is a unifying factor for kingdoms now. Everyone is working together to give the best and provide optimal satisfaction for their people. 

Recently, two kings – itel Mobile and Olamide came together to give people the best of both kingdoms. The arrangement unites both kings and makes Olamide the face of the joint kingdom. For the enjoyment of everyone around them.

Interestingly, the partnership creates a strong kingdom where love, compassion, and the shared creation of value shape how people live their lives in the kingdom. And both brands are stronger together as one united family. 

“We are delighted to have Olamide in the itel Mobile family at this time. The choice of Olamide as the face of our brand is based on the many similarities between both brands. Both brands are Real Kings, blessed with a community of hardworking and aspirational individuals.” said Oke Umurhohwo, Marketing Communications Manager (West Africa), itel Mobile, on the partnership. 

itel and Olamide appeal to the same market. Their offerings (smartphones and songs) are shaped by the need to enhance people’s lifestyles and aid in their quest for success. And inclusion isn’t a problem- there is room for everyone to join and enjoy a world powered by both brands.  

Because the relationship isn’t about domination, the real kings rule with the interest of the people at heart. It is the people first, and this contributes to the value and impact of the partnership between the smartphone brand for everyone and the famous Afro-pop artist. 

The itel and Olamide partnership spices things up for people in the kingdom. And these real kings are more than ready for a long rule together in one kingdom. To serve you better.
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