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An Ode to Sam Adegoke’s Super Sharp Style on #Dynasty 

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Sam Adegoke was a pleasant surprise in the debut season of Dynasty, and we have only grown to enjoy him and his character even more in the past few seasons. His breakout role as Jeff Colby in the CW show, was made extra exciting by updating the character – in Sam’s version of Jeff Colby – he is Nigerian America, specifically Yoruba. And  you know what? We love it. A LOT. 

Then there’s his style.

The actor has taken it a step further (in cahoots with the costume designer of Dynasty, Meredith Markworth-Pollack ), to actually wear African brands on the show. The deft mix of heritage brands like Gucci, with #blackowned brands like Ozwald Boateng, MOGÖ by Tongoro and Orange Culture is matchless.

With sharp silhouettes, bold colour choices, and statement-making suits, this season on Dynasty, the costume designer experimented with texture and prints to incredible effect.

Scroll to see our favourite African designer outfits on Dynasty, and every single time Sam Adegoke killed it – on and off screen!

Sam Adegoke In Orhue Fashion

Sam Adegoke In Ohema Ohene

Sam Adegoke In Ozwald Boateng

Sam Adegoke In Ifeanyi Nwune

Sam Adegoke In Ozwald Boateng

Sam Adegoke In Orange Culture

Sam Adegoke In Ifeanyi Nwune

Sam Adegoke In Tongoro

Sam Adegoke In Studio 189

Sam Adegoke In French Deal

Sam Adegoke In Custom Trad Looks

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