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La Casera rewards Frontline Workers for their Dedication & Hardwork during COVID-19

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L-R: Brown Knight; Dr Ola Brown and Managing Director, The La Casera Company, Chinedum Okereke at the gift presentation in Lagos State.

The La Casera Company (TLCC) took the initiative to reward frontline workers who have risked their own lives during the Covid-19 pandemic. The global pandemic has affected over 7 million people resulting in over 500,000 deaths. Nigeria is not left out, with over 30,000 confirmed cases and over 700-death pan; Nigeria with the numbers keep rising on a daily basis.

This is why our frontline workers are our unsung heroes and the La Casera Heroes initiative seeks to celebrate and reward their heroic acts and services at this vital time.

The public nominated these amazing humans, from all walks of life including doctors, nurses, supermarket attendants, food sellers, security operatives, pharmacists, chemists, dispatch riders, and so on. The first set of La Casera heroes are ten in total and they were all given superhero identities.

Dr. Bella Nifemi, a medical doctor in Lagos is ‘Solar Bella’.
Dr. Ola Brown of Naija Flying Doctors, who designed Nigeria’s first mobile testing booth is ‘Brown Knight’.
Dr. Amara Allison, a medical doctor in Ogun State who handled the index case with expertise is ‘Captain Ami’.
Tolani Odukoya, a medical student and a member of the COVID-19 response call centre is ‘Efiko’.
Segun Adediji, a pharmacist at the University of Lagos Teaching Hospital is ‘Bionic Shegz’.
Ikemenogo Chika, a shop owner in Port Harcourt, who gave out her goods on credit in her community during the lockdown, is ‘Maa Maa’.
Mary Ann Oluchi, a nurse in Abia State is ‘Lady Meta’.
Olorunrinu Oduala, a Chemist and budding scientist in Lagos is ‘Rinunator’.
Uche Akano, a Police officer in Lagos State is ‘The Enforcer’.
Nurse Khafilat Ilelaboye, the head nurse in Onikan isolation center in Lagos is ‘General Khafi’.

Celebrity illustrators, who designed the hero identities were inspired by the life images of the heroes in action as well as their contributions to flatten the pandemic curve at this crucial time in our lives and voila!

Each La Casera superhero avatar and name came to life.

L-R: Efico; Tolani Odukoya and Group Portfolio Marketing Manager, Onyekachim Okoli at the gift presentation in Lagos State.


L-R: Captain Ami; Dr Amara Allison and National Trade Marketing Manager, The La Casera Company, Olusegun Olukuewu at the gift presentation in Ogun State.


L-R: Solar Bella; Dr Nifemi Bella and Senior Brand Manager, The La Casera Company, Ruth Ode at the gift presentation in Lagos State.

L-R: The Enforcer; Uche Akano and Trade Marketing Manager, The La Casera Company, Bello Yusuf at the gift presentation in Lagos State.


L-R: Maa Maa; Ikemenogo Chika and Regional State Manager, East 3, The La Casera Company, Nora Odozi at the gift presentation in Port Harcourt.

L-R: Regional Sales Manager, East 1, The La Casera Company, Morgan Ikhile, Lady Meta; Nurse Mary Ann Oluchi and Umuahia Sales Representative, Alex Ambrose at the gift presentation in Abia State.

L-R: Bionic Shegz; Segun Adediji and Regional Sales Manager, The La Casera Company Christian Onah at the gift presentation in Lagos State.

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