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Torlowei Is The Lingerie Brand Fashion Girls Love, And You Should Too

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Nigerian luxury brand Torlowei‘s new collection is a sight for sore eyes.

According to the brand:

The raw materials used in our designs are 80% biodegradable fibres (silk, tencel, cotton) with proven minimal impacts on the environment with the remaining 20% gradually being replaced where possible with recycled and innovative alternatives to traditional man-made synthetic fibres. Torlowei has taken a strong stance against the fast fashion model, our pieces are made to last. As such we only use the best and most durable raw material options available. Where possible we also provide repair services for Torlowei items, ensuring their longevity. We pay extra attention to our value chain, showing a preference for suppliers and subcontractors who align with our own sustainability (reduced water usage, non-toxic dyes, etc.) and ethical standards (living wages, safe working conditions, etc.). Torlowei’s packaging is non-toxic, biodegradable and sustainably sourced (stickers, silk paper), reusable (boxes, garment bags) and where possible made with innovative sustainable materials.

See all the images below:



Brand @torloweiofficial

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