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Here’s How You Can Join the Africa Teens Summit x BellaNaija Conversation on Human Rights

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Africa Teens Summit and #BellaNaija are inviting to join a conversation with African teens about human rights, advocacy, activism, #EndSARS, #ShutItAllDown, #CongoIsBleeding, #AmINext and #ChildTrafficking.

Right now in the African continent, young citizens are fighting for a better life, against police brutality, child trafficking, gender-based violence and abuse, as well as insecurity. While we’re spotlighting these events and having these conversations as much as we can, this session will be from the perspective of teenagers. It is our hope that as a result of this conversation, teenagers on the continent are more enlightened, educated and inspired to be leaders in their communities.

In this edition, which takes place virtually today on the 1st of November 2020 by 3 pm West Africa Time, we will be spotlighting 5 conversations around the continent. They are #EndSARS in Nigeria, #ShutitAllDown in Namibia, #CongoIsBleeding in Congo, #AmINext in South Africa and #ChildTrafficking in Ghana and Ivory Coast. We will discuss what is really going on in the continent of Africa, how it concerns teenagers, how teens can protect their mental health with all that’s happening and how these issues can be solved.

This conversation is a collaboration with Africa Teens Summit and BellaNaija. It is brought to you in partnership with the United Nations Information Centre and NGYouths SDG.

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