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Meet Onyema Eberechukwu Ogbuagu one of the Brains Behind the New Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine



The COVID-19 pandemic has plagued the most of 2020 and it’s such a relief to know that it might be coming to an end.

Earlier this month, Pfizer, along with Biontech announced that the mRNA-based vaccine candidate against COVID-19 achieved success in first Interim Analysis. They revealed that the vaccine which is still being tested may be 90% effective

One of the doctors leading the Pfizer trial, Onyema Eberechukwu Ogbuagu, an associate professor of medicine and infectious disease specialist at Yale had a chat with ACB News about the development and distribution of the vaccine.

Concerning how the Pharmaceutical was able to reach that high level of efficacy and what that means for the process moving forward, Onyema said,

I think those of us involved in the trials are really super excited by the results that were really quite unexpected… we quite expected that the vaccines should at least have more that 50% efficacy, which is what the FDA set as bar. But it’s just so heart warming that vaccines have been too effective, and it’s great because having a very effective vaccine would help us achieve the so called immunity which would mean that if we have enough people who receive the vaccine and are protected against the virus, this would really be the beginning of the end of the pandemic.

Obviously there are insufficient doses for everyone like has been mentioned already and we’re hoping that as we start to phase in, the vaccine and also to have more doses in the first quarte of 2021 that that might mean really, the pandemic ending.

Watch the interview below:

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