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5 Tips to Help You Feel More Prepared for the First Work Week this New Year, According to Thrive Global



It has been a long holiday for a lot of people and for others, it has simply been a blur of days as we celebrated the Christmas holiday and the New Year within 7 days.

Now, it is the first work week and it is time for everyone to get back into the groove of things. Whether you are working from home or you are physically shuttling a new schedule to your office, the first Monday of the New Year is always one that takes some mental readjustment.

So we’re sharing these useful tips, as seen on Arianna Huffington‘s Thrive Global, on how to get back into work mode after some time off.

Tip 1
Re-establish your morning routine to help you feel more grounded and focused.

Tip 2
Mark off “focus time” on your calender to catch up on and respond to emails.

Tip 3
Prioritize your to-do list. You don’t need to get everything done on your first day back.

Tip 4
Be kind to yourself and be sure to take breaks when you need them.

Tip 5
Take things one step at a time.


Do you have your personally testest and trusted hacks for returning to work after some time off? Share them with us in the comments…

Happy Resumption BNers!

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