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Health Check just got easier as Axocheck is Set to Launch its Telemedicine Solution App

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My father who has always been healthy was suddenly rushed to the hospital after he slumped one day. It dawned on me that we could have lost him or he could have been disabled. A lot of us abroad don’t know the full story of the state of health of our family members back home and when something goes wrong, we start to rush”.

I lost my father-in-law, back in Nigeria, to a medical emergency that could have been noticed ahead during regular medical checkups”.

…my mom had to undergo surgery for her back, a situation that could have been picked and avoided but she never had regular checkups and it degenerated.  The procedure, pain, healing process she went through, and the cost could have been avoided”.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to lose a parent or loved one due to a medical complication that could have easily been prevented? Some people don’t have to wonder because they have lived through the horror of losing or worrying over someone they cared deeply about – something that really could have been averted. The Axocheck story is no different. 

The above are true stories from Kazeem Lawal, Babatunde Jegede, and Gbenga Solademi all residing in the United States. This shared experience and their resolve to leverage technology to provide preventive healthcare and avail family members peace of mind as they pursue their careers and passion in different parts of the world is what resulted in the birth of AxoCheck. 

What is AxoCheck?” You might ask. AxoCheck is a subscription-based telemedicine solution, an App dedicated to preventive medicine and promoting the health of the elderly and other individuals by providing regular in-home concierge health status checks.

This revolutionary Mobile App will be launched virtually, on Saturday, February 20, 2021, on Zoom. Registration is ongoing and registered participants stand a chance of winning free subscriptions along with gift cards worth hundreds of dollars – you don’t want to miss this, so follow the conversation on their social media @axocheck: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: and tell your friends about them; even better, invite them to register and attend the launch. 

Link HERE to register to attend FREE. Visit their Website to learn more.


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