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AxoCheck, an Hybrid Telemedicine App launched recently & new Users have Access to Free Services



Saturday, February 20 will go down in history as the day three unassuming Nigerians in the diaspora, burdened with the health concerns of their aged parents and loved ones back home in Nigeria, launched AxoCheck, a subscription-based telemedicine service, marking the beginning of preventive medicine in Nigeria. 

Axocheck brings the best health professionals right to the doorstep of loved ones upon the click of a button, availing them preventive healthcare which helps them to stay ahead of ailments, and provide peace of mind to their children as they continue their hustle in the diaspora. 

In his opening remarks at the launch, Kazeem Lawal, a co-founder of AxoCheck, stated that after the near-death experience of his dad, he decided not to be counted among those who only complain about issues; he would rather become a solution provider. Following his decision, he called two of his friends: Gbenga Solademi and Tunde Jegede the other co-founders, and together they created Axocheck, the revolutionary mobile App which secures you and your loved ones’ health, one in-home check at a time.


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Speaking on the theme ‘Family Health in Nigeria, the role of technology in preventive care’, Dr. John Sotunsa maintained that Axocheck is the remedy for the brain drain that is bedeviling the practice of medicine in the country and that adequate preventive care lowers the risks of complications from treatment. 

Dr. Niyi Solademi drove the point home when he stated that those who live abroad have seen good healthcare, but in Nigeria, there is no access to good healthcare and emergency service; he added that the Axocheck service provides that extra layer of peace of mind.

The Axocheck launch was well attended, indicating that it is a welcome development for families and individuals who desire to get in front of their health. 

In addition to hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards and several months of free subscription won by participants at the launch,  the founders offered a 100% discount for the first month to new subscribers who register with the discount code AXOFREE.

The conversation is ongoing, you can join on our social media @axocheck: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: you can also visit our website to learn more about the service and how to register. 

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