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Zulumoke Oyibo shared useful Insights around Women Inclusion at the 2nd Edition of the Inkblot Women in Film

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L-R_Folu Storms, Yolanda Okereke, Beverly Naya, Zulumoke Oyibo, Omawumi Ogbe, Joy Olos, Mimi Bartels, and Amaka Akukwe

The co-founder of Inkblot Productions, Zulumoke Oyibo gave an insight as to the need for women to be recognized and credited for their works at the second edition of the Inkblot Women In Film (IWIF) Initiative. 

The second edition which held on March 3rd had the appearance of prominent women in the film industry. They were Beverly Naya (Actress), Yolanda Okereke (Costume designer), Folu Storms (Actress, Host), Omawumi Ogbe (PR Strategist), Joy Olos (Data Analyst), Amaka Akukwe (Event planner, Redbox), Zulumoke Oyibo (Co-founder, Inkblot Productions) and Mimi Bartels (Producer, FilmOne).

The ladies over lunch discussed varying topics ranging from politics in the film industry to the segregation of women on board of companies, the need for actors to promote films they feature in, and the importance of documentation of data gathered during the production and release of films. 

Women in our industry today face challenges just for being women and are not given enough accolades for their work. We need to be seen more and hyped as women in the industry“. Zulu says

Beverly Naya

The objective of the IWIF is to tackle social, ethical, and professional issues surrounding women in the film industry while creating a working environment that is safe and free. Subsequent editions are set to hold in the coming months and aims towards bringing more women into the film industry together.

Zulumoke Oyibo and Yolanda Okereke

(L-R)_Omawumi Ogbe, Zulumoke Oyibo and Joy Olos

Amaka Akukwe (Red Box Event Partner)

Amaka Akukwe (Red Box Event Partner)

Mimi Bartels (Producer FilmOne Entertainment)

Joy Olos

Folu Storms

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