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Joram Muzira Job, Model Agent & Judge on ‘Opportunities Are Here Project X’ discusses the thriving Fashion Scene in Kampala & Economic Opportunity in Uganda

“The fashion industry in Uganda has evolved. Absolutely evolved. Right from people being caterpillars to then becoming butterflies… Right now it’s a business.“



The latest episode of the Ethical Fashion Podcast aired on, May 6th. ‘Meet Uganda’s Top Model Agent’ is the Ethical Fashion Podcast’s seventh episode in its Africa-centred series.
This show features a key personality in the Ugandan fashion industry, who is also one of the three judges on the national Opportunities Are Here Project X.

In 2020, Opportunities Are Here Project X premiered in Uganda, presented by the Ethical Fashion Initiative and the EU. A fully digital, televised talent competition, OAH Project X was the continuation of a nationwide call for young entrepreneurs in Africa. Undoubtedly the EFI’s most entertaining endeavor, the show also had a greater mission in mind: to build economic opportunity within the country.

When recounting his experience being a part of Opportunities Are Here Project X, Muzira Job explains:

“What Opportunities Are Here Project X did was transform so many lives here in Uganda. It was one of the platforms that had to show Ugandans, and the world over, that however much we were stuck with Covid-19… we had to use this platform to show the world that something could be done digitally and I like the fact that it was done so well… I like the fact that every single week, [the participants] were developing.”

In this fabulous talk, Muzira Job opens up about his trajectory in becoming Uganda’s top model agent and being in the center of Kampala’s thriving, rising fashion scene.
He is optimistic about the next generation’s prospects and shares modern career advice for upcoming creatives, from using social media to get ahead, strategies for winning over investors, and, most importantly, the power of following your dreams.

Muzira Job’s passion for the world of design and enthusiasm for the universal language of fashion is palpable through the interview.

“I believe fashion’s power is the ability to express who we are. It’s the ability to use fashion as a universal language. You cross borders speaking fashion. You change lives speaking fashion. Fashion is freedom. Fashion is expression.” He reminds us that fashion makes the world a smaller place.

Simone Cipriani (Founder and Head of the Ethical Fashion Initiative (“EFI”) and Clare Press (Sustainable Journalist and Writer), return to host the second series of the Ethical Fashion podcast, first launched in June 2020 to champion the power of discussion and explore the issues driving the ethical fashion conversation. The new series focuses on African stories in light of the EFI’s work on

“creating jobs and regenerating the social capital in some of the most challenging environments, which is something we started doing in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2018”, says Cipriani.


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