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Last Night’s #BBNaija ‘Lockdown’ Reunion Show was for the Dorathy-Prince-Tolanibaj Situation

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It was the seventh episode of Big Brother Naija Lockdown Reunion Show and still, no love and light. Violence everywhere! Last night was for Prince and Dorathy’s friendship.

Prince said everything was good between Dorathy and him until they had a conversation on a certain day and it didn’t end well.” I thought it was one of those bad days between friends until I got notifications that she’s blocked me.”

He said he tried every means necessary to reach Dorathy but she had blocked him everywhere. “I tried with my brother’s phone and she read it and blocked him too,” he said. He admitted he kinda screwed up and was trying to apologize and explain the situation.

Dorathy said she felt Prince was manipulative and not sincere with some things. She explained that Prince was her friend in the house and there was nothing else to it because he had a thing with Tolanibaj.

When they left the house, she expected that he’d continue his thing with TBaj and she kept asking him what was up with them, but Prince didn’t really answer the question. She stated that she’s not cool with TBaj and TBaj said the same to her too.

Dorathy went on to say things were okay (even though TBaj and her fans engage in Twitter wars) until Prince mentioned his only regret was having a thing with TBaj outside the house.


That explains why Dorathy got angry, blocked Prince everywhere and decided to take herself out of the situation.

TBaj said she felt the whole ‘PriDo’ thing was Prince clout-chasing because he wanted to reach 1 million followers. “We just realised he bought followers and he’s still stuck at 929k by the way.”

TBaj was angry fans were always dragging her because of ‘PriDo’. She said she got angry when she saw Prince and Lilo kissing at the back of the bus at the last Saturday night party. No one saw that coming, even Ebuka asked “Why did we do this party?”

According to TBaj, Prince kept saying he didn’t want to do it but Lilo was drunk and she initiated it. Lilo said she was drunk that night and after the party, Prince invited her to sit with him. And when he held her, she kissed him but he stopped her and told her to stop, that she’s drunk.
Later on, Lilo said Prince told her he wanted to tell Dora about the kiss and she said it was cool, that she had nothing to hide and Dora was her friend.

Apparently, Prince and Dora had already fallen out due to the TBaj situation earlier. Later on, Lilo asked Dora if Prince told her about what happened between them, Dora said no and she told Dora herself and Dora got pissed.

Lilo was surprised because she knew Prince and Dora weren’t dating (she had asked on several occasions and they said no) and she didn’t understand why Dora would be pissed. She said Dora later told her that she will do something and it might hurt her and she (Lilo) told Dora to chill.

Apparently, there was a blog about Lilo, Dora, Wathoni, TBaj and Prince being in the middle of it. Lilo didn’t like that.

On the other hand, Wathoni said Prince started playing the women in the house because Nengi rejected him. Prince refused to address what Wathoni said. “It’s irrelevant”.

Prince said he has always been cool with Dora and TBaj (in and outside the house) and they were just friends no matter what happened between them.
He added that when he got out of the house, his team didn’t want him to have anything to do with TBaj because they felt she wasn’t loyal to him, but he didn’t mind and wanted to have a conversation about them.

Prince added that the video of him and TBaj that went viral after he came out of the house wasn’t planned. He said they were just meeting for the first time since the house and TBaj ran up to him and kissed him.

On the Lilo situation, he added that all was as Lilo’s said but after he dropped Lilo in her room, TBaj came to his room to ask what that was about and he told her that they weren’t a thing, so she shouldn’t come at him like that.

Awww… Prince is ready to mend things with Dora after all. “Dora is my friend and I love her to death. I’ve done things for Dora that I haven’t done for anyone else,” he said. However, Dora said they’re fine but PriDo is dead. “Dead dead”