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From Sweet Savings to Digital Innovation, it’s the Fidelity Bank way



Eleanor Roosevelt rightly opined,

‘The purpose of life is to live it, to taste and experience it to the utmost, and reach out eagerly without fear for newer and richer experiences.’

Her words of wisdom rings true because, as she implied, life is meant to be enjoyed. Challenges, on the other hand, sometimes force this to take a back seat. We are often so preoccupied with solving problems that we forget to take a moment to appreciate the little things.

While we live fast-paced lives, it is critical that we make time for the things we enjoy and find ways to maintain a healthy balance. Forward-thinking brands are incorporating this for their customers, ensuring they live well-balanced lives. With their numerous initiatives for a better Nigerian life, Fidelity Bank is leading the charge and setting an example for other Nigerian banks to follow.

Nneka Onyeali-Ikpe

To commemorate this year’s Children’s Day, the bank, led by its CEO, Nneka Onyeali-Ikpe, gave N150,000 each to 62 lucky Nigerian children as part of the bank’s savings loyalty scheme. The recipients of the cash prize are Sweet Account (SWEETA) holders.

Fidelity Bank continues to push not only for better lives for Nigerians, but also for the country’s economy, by expanding its services beyond financial transactions. This is accomplished through the Export Management Programme (EMP), which promotes export businesses in Nigeria. It is a capacity-building initiative launched in 2016 in collaboration with the Lagos Business School (LBS) and the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC).

The EMP is committed to providing impactful, world-class export management education to aspiring and established players in Nigeria’s non-oil export sector. This programme has recorded significant successes since its inception, as participants apply knowledge gained to improve foreign exchange earnings, create employment opportunities, generate wealth, and reduce poverty in a sustainable manner.

In a country like Nigeria, where unemployment is at an all-time high, young Nigerians have turned to entrepreneurship, putting their skills and talents to use in the creation of marketable goods and services. According to a recent Nigeria Bureau of Statistics survey, the increase in entrepreneurship has made a significant contribution to the economy (NBS).

According to the report, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) contributed 48 percent of national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) over the last five years. They account for 84 percent of employment and nearly 90 percent of the manufacturing sector in terms of enterprise size, with 17.4 million.

To support this thriving sector, Fidelity Bank is at the top of the list of SME-friendly Nigerian banks. They provide Nigerian SMEs with the much-needed capacity for long-term business growth and entrepreneurial success through a suite of tailored offerings.

This is evident in their low-interest credit facilities with flexible collateral requirements, the Fidelity Youth Empowerment Academy, aimed at building an entrepreneurial spirit in the youths, and the critically acclaimed Fidelity SME Radio Forum. All of these initiatives, and others, have resulted in tremendous success for the SMEs that have benefited.

As an extension of their desire to be the go-to bank for an easy, seamless lifestyle at all times, their digital transformation initiatives are industry leaders in terms of leveraging automation and robotics to replace manual and repetitive processes. Its award-winning virtual assistant IVY has simplified and digitalized financial transactions, making them available from anywhere without the need to visit a bank. IVY, a trailblazing innovation, was especially useful during the lockdown, assisting Nigerians with sophisticated and simple services such as complaint resolution, account opening, fast funds transfer, bill payment, transferring users to a live agent, loans, fixed deposit applications, and answering random questions.

Fidelity Bank continues to build a world of limitless possibilities by making financial services simple and accessible to all Nigerians. They not only maintain a bold vision of being number one in every market they serve, but their innovative products and services are geared toward a productive and fulfilling life.

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