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A narrative that focuses on Passion, Craftsmanship and Excellence – Photos from The Macallan Mastery Launch in Lagos



The lead brand ambassador, Mo Abiona‘s summary speech, perfectly explains the core essence and objective of The Macallan Mastery.

“The Macallan is a global brand that has achieved the highest standards of recognition, therefore in Nigeria our goal is to achieve the same and more.​
But most importantly our goal is to ensure that the essence of The Macallan brand is expressed authentically and thoughtfully. ​

Over the next few months, we will be unveiling a narrative that focuses on Passion, Craftsmanship and Excellence. ​
This will be expressed through Nigerian Icons in their specific fields that have demonstrated these qualities over the years and achieved incredible successes and recognition. They are not only successful but also serve as inspiration for the next generation of dreamers to dream bigger. ​

For us at The Macallan this campaign and partnership not only demonstrate the essence of the brand through these Icons but also provides opportunities to showcase what we stand for as a brand. We are calling the campaign – The Macallan Mastery”

See video and images from the event below:


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