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Can’t Access Legal Services? Here’s How Quicklaw can Assist You

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Here’s an informational message from the Quicklaw team;

The message is in our name Quicklaw; we offer legal support and we do it quick.

We understand that an easy approach to legal support isn’t the easiest thing in Nigeria, but, it should be. As a brand, we are focused on ensuring that the average Nigerian has access to a platform where basic legal needs can be attended to by a team of expert legal professionals without breaking the bank.

We currently offer services along seven major categories which cover;

  • starting a business,
  • employment issues,
  • intellectual property,
  • property transactions,
  • estate management,
  • commercial transactions, and
  • personal injuries

We know that many Millennials and Gen Z folks run businesses of their own these days. While you may not have the kind of funds big corporations have, your business will need legal solutions from time to time, and they must be met. So to encourage your entrepreneurial spirit, we have designed Quicklaw as your virtual legal assistant and as a one-stop shop for your basic business needs.
You can;

  • Get your business registered
  • Get a tax ID
  • Get advice on regulatory issues
  • Pay taxes for your company
  • Create a business proposal, and much more all in one place!

If you need a new dress, you can get one online, if you need a cab urgently, you can order one online, when you need food you can get it online; we think access to legal support should be just as simple and easy. If legal support is pizza, we are out to make sure everyone gets a slice!

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