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Feyi & Bolaji Went From Office Romance to #BFForever21! Check Out Their Wedding



Love shows us time and again, that it follows no rules or manual. We all have heard at least one person advising to stay away from dating your colleague. Well, let’s see how that panned out for  Feyi and Bolaji!

Bolaji laid eyes on Feyi for the first time when she had a job interview at his company. You wouldn’t be wrong to call it “love at first sight”, because from that moment on, Bolaji knew he had to win Feyi’s heart. And win her heart, he did! Now, their love ship sails happily on the sea of their forever love.

After their colourful traditional engagement, the lovebirds made it legal as they signed those dotted lines in an intimate civil wedding ceremony. Feyi was clearly intentional about making a statement as she came through 100% with all her looks. Bolaji wasn’t caught slacking either as he was a suave groom through and through. Their civil wedding and traditional engagement photos are giving us all the feels. You certainly want to catch it all.

Enjoy the lovely photos from their civil wedding below.

How We Met,
By the Groom, Bolaji:

Feyi was scheduled for an interview with my team back in 2018 after her sister recommended her to me for a vacant role at the company I worked. She was supposed to be in another department and I remember convincing the team to tweak the job description just so I can be her line manager. She had no idea why she was being delayed and how the job description changed all of a sudden. Thankfully, the role was better suited for her based on her career goals as she told us.



In my head, I’m like, ‘it’s a done deal then’. Working with her was so easy, she’s the most caring person I have ever met. Fast forward to April the same year. We started our ‘secret relationship’ because we had to make sure our co-workers had no clue. Of course, that flopped and a few people could tell that we were dating. I later left the company and our relationship continued to blossom. I decided to pop the question before she flew out for her masters in January 2021 and here we are now!






Hurray! It’s Forever ‘O’clock!

Enjoy all the lovely photos from their traditional engagement below.

What’s not to love about love! Check out these sweethearts. ?



Traditional Engagement

Planner: @weddingsbybr
Photography: @tosinjoshweddings
Makeup: @bummiesbeauty
Asooke: @bisbodv
Dress: @purplelagos
Gele: @teekay.gele
Groom’s Asooke: @magnumstitchesafrica


White Wedding

Bride: @feyiii
Makeup: @mosewabeauty_
Hairstylist: @tea.styles
Dress: @mimis_kreationz
Planner: @weddingsbybr
Photography: @tosin_josh@perfect_clips@enebezt

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  1. DE-LOVE

    September 2, 2021 at 2:56 am

    Nonye, the would be bride resembles Meaghan Markel, the Duchess. I wish the couple well.

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