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Things Jackie Aina Learned Since Getting Engaged | Watch



Nigerian-American beauty/lifestyle vlogger and influencer, Jackie Aina is out with a new episode of her vlog and on this episode, she’s talking about what she learned since she got engaged.

She says; “The first thing you need to remember is never desert your friends. Stop getting into relationships and acting like nobody else exist, because one, that’s clingy, and your man is probably sick of you, but the moment you lose sense of an ounce of independence your relationship will suffer. You gonna start relying on that person to literally be there on your beck and call. You’re gonna start relying on that person for things and voids that really they should not have to fill.”

“My fiance cannot fill the void of a best friend or even a colleague, he’s not meant to. There’s something to be said about having well-balanced friendships where like one friend you go to for a little turn up maybe once every six months because you know you can’t go out like that no more and then there’s maybe one married friend who you could vent to, maybe you and bae aren’t seeing eye to eye or maybe you have like a disagreement and you just want an outside opinion. Which brings me to another point, don’t tell the internet and your friends your business even your well-meaning friends, even your closest friends, because, guess what, whose side they gonna be on. You think they’re gonna be on his side, no, they’re gonna be on your side.”

Watch the vlog below for more:

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