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Here’s the Easiest Way to Get All the Items on Your Child’s Back-To-School List TODAY



Back-To-School shopping is now! As exciting as this season might be, there is no denying that it can also get exhausting and overwhelming. The next few weeks will be about “The kids want this… I should get these for the kids… Their shoes need to be replaced…”

The constant reminder from the kids is also not left out – they are all in your faces every time talking about how they prefer a trolley bag to a bag pack for the new season, how they no longer want the socks they wore the previous session, and so on. It’s a whole lot!

Some parents worry about getting the right things while prioritising the long list they keep staring at every day. Some worry that while trying to avoid some expenses due to their budget, they might end up not buying the kids what is important.
In this article, we highlighted the 6 essential items you should check off your Back-to-School shopping list.

1. School Bags – Click to buy on right now
Schoolbag is one essential school item the kids need. Getting a new school bag for the new session is not just about the kids’ desire to get a new fancy bag that is in trend. Moving to a new class means an entirely new curriculum that is most likely to be bulky than the previous class. They will need new books and textbooks more than the previous class they just concluded, so it is important to get the new school bags suitable for their new class. There are different categories of backpacks for kids depending on their age, class and level. Varieties of school bags are seen in vogue year after year – character bags, trolley bags, glossy bags, bag packs, etc. It is only fair to let the kids have a feel of these assortments as they come.

2. Food flasks – Click to buy on right now
Just like school bags, kids need bigger food flask as they grow because they tend to grow more appetite for food – though this might not be the case all the time. There are different kinds of food flasks that you can get for the kids ranging from sizes, colours, quality and durability. Getting a quality food flask that is perfect for your child should be a priority as you start your Back-to-School shopping this year.

3. Lunch bags – Click to buy on right now
Kids love their food and lunch snacks so much; who doesn’t? Packing it all at once in a durable, fancy and handy lunch bag even makes it better. It is, however, more important to consider the kids’ age before getting one. Lunch bags vary in sizes, shapes, designs, and products – there is one for every kid, no matter how young they are.

4. School shoes – Click to buy on right now
If you can relate to how kids grow these days rapidly, you’ll understand why they need new school shoes for every new session. Comfortable quality school shoes make the kids confident and intelligent. School shoes are made in different designs such as Velcro, lace-up and slip-on (particularly for the girls).

5. School stationery – Click to buy on right now
Writing materials are essential, and they need to be replaced regularly. They are items that get used up, unlike the things mentioned above. The necessary stationery for a new school session includes a pen, pencils, mathematical set, notepads, pencil case, sharpener, and erasers.

6. Face Mask/Shield & Sanitisers – Click to buy on right now
Ensuring the kids’ safety as they prepare to go back to school should be the topmost priority. We face a third wave of the coronavirus, and the last thing we should do is leave the kids unprotected. It is essential to put in mind their face mask/shield and portable hand sanitisers they can take with them when going to school as you shop their school essentials.

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