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See How Style Stars Are Rocking Red Looks this Week on #BellaStylista: Issue 167



Hi, BellaNaijarians!

#BellaStylista is a BellaNaija Style series for fashionistas who kill it every day! For work or play, this list is to inspire you as we celebrate those who inspire us with their sense of style. We’ll be sharing the top trends, fabulous street style looks and our fashion highlights for each week.

Check out our favourite styles this week and don’t forget to tag us with #BellaStylista or send your photos and Instagram handle to [email protected] to be featured next.

That wraps it up for Issue 167!

If you’d like to be featured in the next issue tag us #BellaStylista on Instagram or send your photos and Instagram handle to [email protected] to be featured next week!




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