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See the 6 Chic Ways to Style a Blazer – You’re Welcome!

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Blazers aren’t just for work anymore: celebrities, bloggers, and certified fashionistas wear them for every occasion, from brunch to date night- this tailored staple is a wardrobe MVP.

If you have blazers in your closet and want to learn how best to style them, here are six tips, from wearing them alone to pairing them with unexpected pieces.

Wear with denim:

A blazer and denim combo is one of our favourite pairings. An easy way to upgrade a simple jeans-and-crop top is to add a blazer. It is a fun juxtaposition of something tailored with looks that are generally more casual.

Wear with neutrals:

Monochromatic dressing is as fresh as ever, sticking to a one colour theme is always a no-fail approach to getting dressed—especially when those colours are neutral.

Wear with a pop of colour:

On days when you don’t know what to wear, a top, black blazer, and high-heel combo will never fail you. Bonus points if you throw a bright hue into the mix.

Wear with a slip dress: A blazer over a silk dress lands that perfect mix of masculine and feminine.

Wear as a suit: Okay, this one might seem obvious, but don’t get it twisted: a suit offers the perfect opportunity for layering. Add a pop of colour for extra points.

Wear as a dress: 

Are pants optional? With the right jacket, we would say yes.

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