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A Love That Was Meant to Be! Enjoy Pelumi & David’s Pre-wedding Shoot + Love Story

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Many people believe that fate and divine providence also play a role when it comes to love. Often, we hear statements like “they were meant to be” or “they were destined for each other”. If you’ve always rolled your eyes at statements like this, Pelumi and David will likely make a believer out of you!

Pelumi and David met on Campus as students of the University of Ilorin. Both of them had different occurrences that seemed to be pulling them towards the same course – finding each other. They, of course, would not have imagined at the time, that these events in their lives were leading them to each other. Now the lovebirds have their ” happy ever after!” and we’re beyond stoked for them. They both share their beautiful love story with us and it is sure to make your day.  Just Keep scrolling to take it all in.

Enjoy Pelumi and David’s beautiful Pre-wedding shoot and love story below.

Here’s how David tells their love story:

Being the Student Union president of the University of Ilorin at the time, having a smooth student-centered administrative year, and graduating with my target grade were my top priorities. Looking for a wife? Definitely not on my list. But I guess the most beautiful things in life happen when you least expect them. I met Pelumi in one of the most unusual ways, right in the middle of a ‘Slap Drama” while soliciting for better welfare for some Nursing students as S.U president. Eminent – as I was fondly called back then – being slapped by a lecturer became a big deal on campus and the news was everywhere.

It was a really challenging and embarrassing period for me. When the chaos cleared a bit, the HOD of Nursing department invited me to one of the College of Health Sciences programs in appreciation. During the event, he jokingly mentioned that his department had many fine babes and I should feel free to pick one for myself. It was a joke, I didn’t even think of the possibility. I even made an Instagram post about it that very day. After the event, I generously gave a lift to 4 beautiful nursing students who were also on their way to PS – Pelumi and 3 of her colleagues- one of my best decision so far! (Thank God for SUG car) hahaha.

When I dropped them, I could not resist requesting Pelumi’s number. There was something about her that drew me in. I had this strong gut feeling that “she is the one” Plus, it was the second time meeting her. The first was an event where we never spoke. She was an usher and I, a guest sitting at a vantage point only admired God’s perfect work. I mean, the babe was set! So, this second time meeting in the most unusual way was definitely a SIGN. Thankfully, she obliged and we continued talking over the phone.

From talking to loving and now to marrying! That gut feeling was definitely right. She is my ONE. The past few years getting to know her has been nothing short of amazing. Loving Pelumi has been the absolute honour of my life! I am overjoyed as we count down to our YES day. Let’s go get married baby! God indeed compensated me for all the slap drama.

#TheShobowale’s love story according to Pelumi:

My friends and I came late for the Nursing program and we also left before the end because we had a carry-over issue to sort out at the School’s Permanent Site. While waiting for a ride, our then SU President (David) had also left the program and we begged him to give us a lift back to the permanent site. He and my friends chatted throughout the ride. They kept going on about how they didn’t know his face but only knew his name and position. I was quiet during the entire conversation. Firstly, I was burdened by the carryover course I had to take. If not for the course, this trip was unnecessary.


Then, I was also still angry at our Head of Department for having the audacity to say David could pick one of his department girls to wife. What were we to him – a commodity? Everything about that entire period was just messed up until. We got to our destination, we alighted and David asked for my contact. I was reluctant at first, then excited on second thought. Only because, as far as I was concerned I had the SUG president’s attention, I am now highly connected on campus *insert loud laugh*.

He called the same day, we started speaking since then. He was very clear on what he wanted from the beginning and I wasn’t so sure at first so I kept him ‘waiting’ and ‘wooing’ until one day when David sent me a long text and made it clear that he was getting tired of waiting in the friendship zone and if after now, I said No, he would walk away and let things be.

At first, I hated that he was sort of giving me an ultimatum, however, after a realistic conversation with myself crossing & noting the pros/cons (not that they were many cons anyway *inserts blushing emoji*) I said Yes because who shakara help abeg? The rest they say is history. Here we are, counting down excitedly.

The thought of waking up daily to the most tenacious, consistent, amazing, and kindest man I know for the rest of my life has me blushing in secret since we picked our YES day! I am absolutely excited that I get to do life with him. Somebody’s beautiful son has definitely found me and I get to keep him forever!



Bride: @tomipearls
Groom: @lukmanshobowale 
Suit: @twif.official
Dress: @arie.classic
Wristwatches: @tommyhilfiger
Makeup: @b.e.a.u.t.i.f.i.e.d
Accessories: @_justblings
Photography: @tosin_josh
Planner: @rightessential
Groom’s T-shirt: @tommyhilfiger
Beach Dress: @kims__place
Groom’s kaftan: @twif.official
Groom’s shoes: @juyicalton
Bride’s native dress: @abimbola_kamsy
Gele: @ajokegeleandmua

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