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From a Matriculation Party to Forever! See Alex & Onyiyechi’s Pre-wedding Shoot + Love Story

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Wherever a person may be, whatever stage they might be at, love just always knows how to find us. Like many people love found Onyinyechi and Alex in school!

For Onyinyechi who was a fresher, finding a boyfriend wasn’t exactly top of her list when she met Alex on her matriculation day. Being her sister’s friend made it easy for Alex to get closer to Onyinyechi and so it slowly began! Now, they’re joined in matrimony and of course, we’re excited for them. Their pre-wedding photos and love story have us blushing and appreciating the beauty of love.

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos and how Onyinyechi tells their love story below.

How We Met
By the bride-to-be, Onyinyechi:

We met in 2012, on my matriculation day as he was friends with my elder sister. I noticed he was very playful during the event. I was smiling at his jokes but didn’t let him notice that.

He started visiting my hostel often to see my elder sister. My elder sister even attacked him with this question, “This one you dey always show face, hope she is safe?” Lol

Luckily for him, he came one evening but my sister was not around. We made small talk. I even told him he is a playboy and he said I am irresistible. We both laughed at the cheesy line.

I became more attracted to him when my elder sister started saying good things about him and how intelligent he is.

I remember one time, he found me at the library without me seeing him and started texting me and telling me what I was wearing and everything I was doing at that moment. That memory still feels so fresh and sweet.

My elder sister started talking more about him when we were together. I don’t know if she was sent. She also mentioned how the semester results were out and Alex had good grades.

So, I met him some days later and congratulated him on his grades and I jokingly said I need his success charm. He said he will take me there, I rolled my eyes and in my mind “what’s he feeling like?”

He called me a week later and said I should get ready that he would be taking me to his charm place. I assumed it was a restaurant date.

We got to the “charm place” and behold it was a prayer place known as ADORATION.  Some kind of peace I felt around him from that moment. Weeks later, I became his girlfriend.

Three years after graduation, we had stopped communicating when I met him again. This time, I was serving ( NYSC) in Abia State. Being a decorator, he often goes to Aba to purchase working items. We started dating again.

Five months later we had a serious argument because I’m introverted and he, on the contrary, would always want me to go out and party with him. So we parted ways.

However, we realized that we couldn’t stay away from each other and so we decided to work things out. Now, here we are, ready to do this love thing forever!

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Bride: @annfa_rms
Groom: @alexeventss
Planner: @oraventss
Photography: @_anenevictorphotography | @officialbigdealweddings | @lucasugoweddings
Makeup: @asaaofficial| @isabelamakeover |@bellabylyn
Hairstylists: @hairbykingz | @t.joriginals
Hair: @pricelesshairs
Dresses: @starjoycee

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