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Celebrate The Joy Of Togetherness this Festive Season with Moët & Chandon

The French Champagne House connects the world this festive season with
jubilant celebrations sparked by the effervescence of its champagnes.



Moët & Chandon celebrates the thrill of coming together this holiday season with radiant displays of the effervescence of its champagnes. In an exciting new chapter in its long history of generosity and savoir-fête, the world’s most loved champagne house will herald the festive season as we celebrate the joy of togetherness.

The Icon Of Effervescent Celebrations
This holiday season, Moët & Chandon has chosen the bubbles of its fine champagnes as a festive symbol that has long been an integral part of the history of the House as an icon of celebration since 1743. Across the globe from New York to Paris, London and Lagos, the House has designed a host of sparkling events that will enrich its legacy of unforgettable celebrations and ring in a blissful season of togetherness. Friends of the House in attendance will kick off the festivities by raising a glass of Moët Impérial, symbol of the House’s legendary savoir-fête, to support the charitable movement of “Toast for a Cause.”

“Since its inception, Moët & Chandon has always been the perfect choice for celebrations. The art of celebration is imbedded in our know-how, and Moët Effervescence is designed to capture the very values of generosity and togetherness dear to the Maison.” says Sebastien Chouen, General Manager, Moet Hennessy Nigeria.

To usher in the spirit of the holidays, Moët & Chandon is thrilled to introduce, an online platform where champagne lovers can record festive video messages and share them with their loved ones to spread a message of joy, even if virtually.


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