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AbiolaChamp launches “The Magic of Emotional Intelligence” – A tool for achieving Peak Performance

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Dignitaries and professionals across sectors gathered at the weekend for the grand presentation of “The Magic of Emotional Intelligence”, by world-class performance strategist, Abiola ‘Champ’ Salami.

This was the tone that set the day at the CCX Lagos, in Victoria Island area of Lagos, which was centered on the theme, “Achieving Peak Performance” by panelists.

In his welcome address, AbiolaChamp said

In my work as a Performance Strategist, coaching senior executives & consulting with organizations to achieve peak performance since 2012, I discovered a skill gap. This gap is Emotional Intelligence.” 

He added that,

While many use the term because it sounds cool, some use it to appraise and describe others, some erroneously think it’s a tool for deception and manipulation but only a few top leaders really truly understand & deploy Emotional Intelligence.”

He affirmed that,

“Emotions are powerful. They can make or destroy any individual. Anytime we hear someone say This is business. I can’t be emotional, at that very moment, that individual is actually being driven by emotions.”

“Available Research Says 61% of professionals admitted they’ve let emotions get the better of them at work. 86% percent of workers said when a colleague doesn’t control his or her emotions, it affects their perception of that person’s level of professionalism.”  

A study that looked at the failures and successes of 11 US Presidents showed that EI was the key quality that distinguished the successful from the unsuccessful. In fact, Warren Buffet one of the richest people in the world, said “if you cannot manage your emotions, you cannot manage your money.”

“Our team, therefore, set out to develop a tool that will equip professionals and entrepreneurs with emotional intelligence. That tool should deliver the same experience of simplicity, fun, inspiration, relatable, insightful, and transformation CHAMP Sessions are known for. Our commitment to designing a masterpiece took me to the best of schools around – engaging with Faculty & Senior Executives across Public, Private & Social Sectors. Hence, the foreword was written by Prof. Dana H. Born of Harvard University and reviewed by other leaders in academia and business across.”

On whether he has plans for youth, to “catch them early” on the value of emotional intelligence,  AbiolaChamp said:

“From time to time we organize free mentorship programs for youths”

 The author also hinted at the use of social and traditional media to share insights and get the conversation out there to the youth.

“We are looking to collaborate with more organizations, communities and schools.”

 Meanwhile, a roll call of dignitaries at the hybrid presentation of  “The Magic of Emotional Intelligence” include stakeholders in the corporate, entertainment, entrepreneurship, and political fields.

Speaking at the program, Prof Pat Utomi said,

As one who has interfaced with a lot of smart leaders in business and politics, I continue to see how the lack of Emotional Intelligence affects their production. Some experts have attempted to provide intervention on emotional intelligence but there is often the complaint of the complexity of their work. AbiolaChamp has done a great job by developing a simple tool on EI to help leaders improve their production and interactions with all stakeholders.” 

Stephanie Busari, Supervising Editor, CNN Africa said,

One of the things that stood out for me is how Abiola shared practical insights on how to manage anger, fear, shyness, and especially how to be intentional with managing friendships. The Magic of Emotional Intelligence is well written with clear examples. It speaks to different age groups and I want my 11-year-old to read it as well.

Adefunke Adeyemi, Founder, Africa Advocacy Alliance, said

The Magic of Emotional Intelligence is easy to read, practical, and broken down into simple insights. It’s a really brilliant piece and useful tips on how we can build effective relationships with each other.”

Dayo Israel, Board member SUBEB said,

Abiola has done a great job. I was excited to receive the book because as I grow in my space I continue to see that I need more emotional intelligence to be effective because, in our society, everyone is a boss. The book presents me with tools I can apply to interact effectively. It is my hope that AbiolaChamp can produce a mini version of the book for students.”

Nkemdilim Begho, CEO, Futuresoft said,

As a digital leader having multiple digital interactions, the Magic of Emotional Intelligence is super timely as it presents us with core lessons on listening, caring as well as being conscious of context and perspectives of those we relate with across private, public and social sectors. This is a brilliant work.

Joshua Ajayi, Publisher, Brandcom, said,

As a young person, there is the tendency to be arrogant especially if you are young and successful. The book helped me gain self-awareness and guides me in managing this tendency.”

Dr. Ogolo, Founding Partner, V&R Partners said,

Being a writer myself, what got my attention is the readability of the book. The fonts were appealing and the colour of the paper encouraged you to read. He took time to breakdown his intentions and explained perspectives in the easiest of ways. I saw myself in the book and I saw others curcumstances around me. After reading the book, I reached out to him to acknowledge the excellent work.”

Khadijah Okunnu-Lamidi, CEO, Slice Media said,

It’s a great book. The first thing that caught my attention is the two school boys that got into a fight and ended up not graduating. One of the emotions I’m really liking right now is Hope. The book is so well written that you can pick any of the emotions and gain mastery over it.”

Hon. Seyi Adisa, Lawyer and Member House of Oyo State House of Assembly said,

the first thing that caught my attention is the excellent look and feel of the book. Abiola also autographed the book right in my presence. Before reading the book, I thought I was a good listener as a lawyer listening to clients and as a politician listening to people. The book showed me some gaps and gave me insights on how I can be a better listener.

 Other dignitaries at the hybrid event include Publisher of Today’s Woman, Adesuwa Onyenokwe; legendary comedian, Ali Baba; Founder SIAF, Segun Awosanya; CEO, Alphareach Media, J. J. Omojuwa; Lanre Olusola, The Catalyst; Vice Chairman, ChocolateCity, Audu Maikori; Actress, Entrepreneur & Author, Juliet Ibrahim, and others graced the occasion.

According to AbiolaChamp,

“The tool is available in Audiobook, eBook, print versions and as a virtual course. Interested professionals and entrepreneurs can visit the following links to get the tool.”

AudioBook        –

eBook        –

Print Version (Softcover) –
Print Version (Hardcover)        –
Virtual Course        –

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