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Rooomxix hosted a Brunch Hangout with A-List Celebrity Stylist to Discuss the Future of Fashion, Styling & Streetwear



The event was more than just an in-store sparkling networking event. The brunch created a hub where the fashion industry practitioners could interact and discover more opportunities within and outside the streetwear/fashion industry that could be explored together.

The approach of Rooomxix’s continuous promotion and accessibility of streetwear is to improve broad-spectrum productivity in and outside the fashion industry. Every stylist – at the brunch was expected to connect, interact and learn more about strategies to grow their business in a fun and exciting environment. And that was exactly what happened!

Put together by the Brand Manager, Daniel Ojes explains

We hosted this brunch to bring together creative and talented stylists who understand and know where street-style is headed. There are mutual goals that can be reached if our platform and their creativity come together, and leverage our ideas to further promote the gospel of street-style trends.

Rooomxix also launched her pulling services during the brunch. Our pulling services encompasses gathering clothes for your job, from racks in our stores that would go in accordance with the mood board/style direction.

We are bridging a gap here. We want to establish a good relationship with stylists. Relationships that would forge and ease with the weight and merit of the project stylists are pulling for. There is the paradox of a millennial’s quest for constant street-style and casual fashion newness alongside the desire for more sustainable trends. We want to fill those gaps up with never-before-executed ideas in the Nigeria fashion scene.” Fortune Spurgeon (Creative Director)

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