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Sound of Silence: Elevate Your Listening Experience with the oraimo FreePods Pro|Shop Now

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Are you a fan of oraimo’s range of quality smart accessories? Here is an exciting news!

The leading smart accessories brand has announced the release of its latest high-tech earbuds, the FreePods Pro. These new earbuds are a game-changer and you’ll see why in the next few lines.

Pro-hybrid active noise cancellation (ANC):

No, this isn’t the same ANC that the previously released FreePods 3 was fitted with. This advanced technology has been specially designed to make the FreePods Pro the perfect earbuds for a quiet and immersive listening experience. It is especially perfect for strong noise situations such as train rides, bus rides, and flights.

How, you might ask?

It’s simple.

FreePods Pro’s advanced technology utilizes two microphones in each earphone to achieve a better noise reduction effect for up to 35dB. This is due to the Feedback (FB) ANC and Feedforward (FF) ANC technologies. This advanced feature has set the Freepods Pro apart from every other earbud in the market with Feedforward (FF) ANC. The FF ANC utilizes one microphone in each earphone, making the noise reduction effect weaker despite its lower cost.

While oraimo has consistently, flooded the Nigerian market with quality and affordable smart accessories, the FreePods Pro heralds the brand’s new direction away from budget-friendly to prioritizing technological innovations. This means users can expect to see more technologically advanced smart accessories from the innovation giant.

The FreePods Pro ANC technology isn’t the only feature that makes it such an amazing earbud. Users who would like to retain some level of awareness regarding their immediate surroundings and hold short conversations can utilize the transparency feature without having to take the earbuds out.

Amazing, right?

Innovations like the FreePods Pro make it easy to see how oraimo has consistently dominated the Nigerian smart accessories scene and beyond. It continues to expand and is currently running over 100,000 retail stores in 50+ countries across the world.

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